Top 4 Things to do Prior to the Dollar Collapsing


It seems like everyone knows that a financial collapse is coming. The only real question is when it’s going to get here. The Fed is working overtime trying to shore up the dollar, but that can only go on for so long; eventually, what they’re doing is going to catch up with us all and when it does, the fall will be even greater. Continue reading

When The SHTF, These Cheap Items Will Be Worth Their Weight In Gold

When The SHTF, These Cheap Items Will Be Worth Their Weight In Gold

If society were to break down tomorrow, the value of the things we own and the skills we have would be turned on its head. Everybody knows that certain items will be far more valuable after a grid ending event. Stuff like gold, guns, and food are a given in any conversation on preparedness. Skills like hunting, reloading, and first aid would be indispensable, while skills accounting and day trading would be completely worthless. Continue reading

6 Checklist Items for When Disaster Knocks out Electricity

Six Checklist Items for When Disaster Knocks out Electricity

Disasters can strike at any time, and you want to be ready for them. Sudden winter storms can knock out power, and you might be in the dark for several days or longer. When the lights go out is not the time to wonder how you and your family will stay warm. There are six important items you should make sure that you have before a transformer blows in your area. Continue reading

Steps to follow in a Dirty Bomb or RDD Attack


Surviving an RDD attack

Also known as a Radiological Dispersion Device, RDD, dirty nuke, or suitcase nuke, a “dirty bomb” is an explosive device that’s been combined with radioactive material. It’s thought that an RDD attack is much more likely to occur in the average person’s lifetime than the use of an actual nuclear bomb. Dirty bombs are designed to not only cause immediate damage, but also to scatter dangerous amounts of radioactivity over a given area. Continue reading

Attack on Our Power Grid: The Existential Threat No One Is Talking About


Attack on Our Power Grid

The U.S. power grid is highly vulnerable to an attack by an EMP weapon or a solar event. Such an attack on the power grid could throw the U.S. back into the dark ages. It would take years to build our system back up. Some experts believe that a year without power would kill as many as 9 out of 10 Americans. Continue reading