Report: Terrorist Nuke Attack May Be Carried Out Inside the United States in Next 12 Months


With nuclear material having been stolen on multiple occasions in Mexico, and close terrorist ties to intelligence organizations in the middle east, it appears that if an organization was committed to acquiring nuclear material they could do so. Finding the scientists to build such a weapon, whether dirty or actual, wouldn’t be all that difficult. Moreover, smuggling such a device into the U.S. is possible, as evidenced by a 2011 report which confirms that at least one nuclear weapon of mass destruction was seized as it entered the United States. Continue reading

Top Post-Collapse Barter Items And Trade Skills


The concept of private barter and alternative economies has been so far removed from our daily existence here in America that the very idea of participating in commerce without the use of dollars or without the inclusion of corporate chains seems almost outlandish to many people.However, the fact remains that up until very recently (perhaps the last three to four decades) barter and independent trade was commonplace in this country. Without it, many families could not have survived. Continue reading

20 Household Items That Double as Emergency First Aid


When it comes to first aid, it’s just about impossible to be too prepared. Sure, you definitely need a solid first aid kit at home and in the car, but in the case of a true emergency, those supplies will run out fast. With traditional supplies gone, you’ll need to rely on other sources for help, and lucky for you there’s a lot out there. Continue reading

World Renowned Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente: “America Is A Collapsing Third World Country”


“This is the way police behave in third-world nations”

Gerald Celente – Trends Research Institute

Gerald Celente is one of world’s most renowned trend forecasters and in his latest interview he explains, among other things, why the United States is seeing such a heavy militarization of its police forces. Continue reading

Smart Survival: This is How You Find Water When There Is None To Be Found


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Three weeks without food is survivable, but three days without water will kill you. With water being one of your main survival priorities, you want to know multiple ways of procuring this vital resource in an emergency situation. There are hidden water sources in your home, as well as in the wild. Knowing how to fine tune your skills in order to make the most of a precarious situation will save you time, energy, and potentially, your life. Continue reading

How To Take Down A Military Drone Without Firing A Shot

How To Take Down A Military Drone Without Firing A Shot

This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple

There is a fundamental law of warfare that no member of any conventional military wants to admit to. For every million dollar weapon, somewhere out there, perhaps waiting to be discovered, is a $10 countermeasure. The more expensive and sophisticated the device, the more vulnerable it is to dirt cheap exploits. But they don’t want to think about that. Continue reading

Military Readies Mountain Fortress to “Shield Against EMP Attack”


They are ready. Are you?

The government powers that be are preparing for continuity under any conditions.

The potential for an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event that could wipe out the electric grid, and with it, the society that is dependent upon it is considered by security experts to be inevitable and perhaps likely in the short term. Continue reading

Water Crisis: Lake Mead, Largest US Reservoir, Faces Federal “Water Emergency,” Forced Rationing


Leak Mead – on your left, when you drive from Las Vegas across the Hoover Dam – is the largest reservoir in the country when at capacity. It’s fed by the Colorado River which provides water for agriculture, industry, and 40 million people in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Mexico, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. Continue reading

10 Things Everyone Will Be Looking For After The SHTF


If you’ve been prepping for more than, say, a day, you know to stockpile things like food, water, and first aid supplies. That’s the easy to remember stuff, right? We all know we’ll need to eat and stay hydrated. However, there are a number of things many preppers overlook in their planning. Things that will certainly come into play at some point during any sort of long-term event. Continue reading