You live in a world where so-called modern wonder drugs, laboratories, and equipment have obscured more “primitive” yet highly effective types of medicine involving determination, common sense, and a few simple treatments. [...]

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U.S. government paid $17 billion for weather-withered crops last year

Desiccated corn and sun-scorched soybeans have been in high supply lately — and we’re paying through the nose for them. The federal government forked out a [...]

How Oprah’s Growing Healthier — And You Can Too

After more than 20 years of friendship, Oprah and her favorite health expert, Bob Greene, are taking their love of nourishing foods back to its roots -- by rolling up their [...]

StarLink resurfaces: GM corn banned decade ago found in Saudi Arabia

AFP Photo / Paul J. Richards The Saudi Arabian food chain has been widely contaminated with GM ingredients, according to a new study. The findings include controversial [...]

Air pollution cause of 200,000 premature US deaths – study

Smoke is released into the sky at the ConocoPhillips oil refinery in San Pedro, California (Reuters/Bret Hartman) Air pollution in major US cities is the largest [...]

Top Fruits and Veggies to Buy Organic

The Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit environmental research organization based in Washington, DC, reports that you can lower your pesticide exposure by almost 90 [...]

How to Create Your Own Personal Survival Seed Bank

You have probably heard of seed saving, where you save a plant’s seeds or tubers at the end of a growing season to serve as the seed source for the following year. This is [...]

Supersizing Food Storage with BUCKETS

I was asked to give a class one time on storing food in buckets and I definitely could relate to Brian Regan with his cup of dirt , but instead I was more like… ”It’s [...]

Organic food may be best for kids, pediatricians say

Organic, babies! The American Academy of Pediatrics is weighing in for the first time on the conventional vs. organic debate. Its verdict? An “extensive analysis of [...]

The Pantry Primer: Meal Planning While You’re Building Your Stockpile

It’s really easy to get sucked into purchasing food for the here and now, and to forget about creating a stockpile.  We live in a “just in time” society, where [...]

This Week’s Harvest: Peaches

Nothing says summer like taking nibble from a peach, still warm from the sun, that is so juicy it runs down your chin when you bite into it.  If you aren’t lucky enough to [...]

Organic Foods

Understanding  Organic Food Labels, Benefits, and Claims                  Organic  food has become very popular. But navigating the maze of organic food [...]

The Art of Dehydrating Foods

It takes some work, depending on the amount of food you are looking to preserve by dehydrating, but the pay-off is definitely worth it. A couple of years ago, I started [...]