How To Build A Walipini Greenhouse

We use cellars because they maintain a more constant temperature than structures that are built above-ground. We use greenhouses to extend the growing season because they hold in heat. Well what if you combined a greenhouse and a cellar? You’d have a greenhouse that would allow you to grow plants year-round. [...]

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Fukushima: Your Days of Eating Pacific Ocean Fish Are Over

Are you still eating sushi or any seafood from the Pacific Ocean? Well you might want to reconsider after reading this article. When it comes to environmental disasters, [...]

Ingredients Matter: Store Foods Your Family Will Actually Want to Eat

One common misconception about emergency preparedness is that food storage quality doesn’t matter as long as you have some food stored that will last for a long time without [...]

Prepping 101 – Food Preps: 30 Days Worth Of Food

When you start to consider prepping, one of the first things you need to start prepping for is food. Simply put, food is one essential you need to live and your family [...]

OCA Asks FDA to Prohibit Use of the Word ‘Natural’ in Products Containing GMOs

FINLAND, Minn. The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has launched a petition  asking the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to ban the practice of labeling products that [...]

GMO and Monsanto Roundup: Glyphosate Weedkiller in our Food and Water?

“Historians may look back and write about how willing we are to sacrifice our children and jeopardize future generations with a massive experiment that is based on [...]

Worse than DDT: When You Eat This, it Ends Up Lingering in Your Gut

Dr. Don Huber is an expert in an area of science that relates to the toxicity of genetically engineered (GE) foods. (Alternative terms for GE foods include genetically [...]

Students run organic vegetable project at University Farm

CHICO — Just outside of Chico, a plot of land has been transformed into an educational resource for the community and a lesson in innovation for agriculture students. On [...]

How To Start Your Survival Garden

Next week we’re going to be holding a free Survival Gardening webinar with our go-to gardening guru, David Goodman. The topic… How To Quickly Start & Maintain a [...]

Farm kills millions of bees with illegal pesticide spraying, gets slap on wrist

A huge Florida citrus farm is being fined by state officials for poisoning millions of honeybees to death — but it’s not being fined very much. Ben Hill Griffin Inc., [...]

To avoid diabetes, eat fruit, don’t drink fruit juice

Another study has shown that fruit is good for you. Just be sure to eat it in solid form. Research published Thursday in the British Medical Journal analyzed the results [...]

Naturally Grown: An alternative label to organic

  SCHAGHTICOKE, N.Y. — Justine and Brian Denison say they adhere to all the growing practices required for organic certification, yet if they label their beans and [...]

Melon Pits: A Low-Input Gardening Method That Works

A few years ago I read Steve Solomon’s “Gardening When It Counts.” In it, he mentions in passing that he heard the Indians used to garden on top of their camp refuse. [...]