The Most Commonly Forgetten Item for EMP Protection…Lights!

Many preppers protect their critical electronic devices from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) using a variety of sealed metal containers to serve as Faraday cages. An EMP is a strong radio wave pulse that results from a high altitude nuclear detonation or specialized EMP weapons, known as eBombs. This EMP would destroy nearly every piece of modern electrical equipment, such as two-way radios, computers, and the complex electrical power grid. Placing critical electronics inside sealed metal containers, such as metal trash cans with tight fitting metal lids, is the only way to fully protect electronics. However, many preppers forget that one of the most important force multipliers is very suseptable to an EMP…lights! Lighting is a force multiplier because a prepper equipped with proper lighting post SHTF will be able to provide enhanced security and conduct more work at obscure times. The following are two critical forms of lights that must be included in any Faraday cage for EMP protection:


  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) Bulbs – These low wattage, high output bulbs would be critical for preppers if the electric grid goes down because they could easily be powered with power inverters (another item for the Faraday cage) to provide light for security and inside the home. Unfortunately, CFL bulbs have a ballast that contains a number of sensitive electronic componentsCompact-Fluorescent-Bulb-272x300 susceptible to an EMP.
  • Light Emitting Diode (LED) Flashlights – These flashlights are superior for the prepper because they last for a very long time on a single set of batteries and
    the bulbs themselves last nearly forever without burning out. However, the bulbs themselves are a semiconductor, a very sensitive electrical component, that would be fried by an EMP.


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