Survival Items Your Car’s Glove Box Should Have

There are a lot of things and skills that you need to be able to survive in an emergency or a disaster situation. Your attitude is the most important survival skill that you have. It can make a lot of difference between living and dying. Objective setting and critical thinking is also a major help for survival. The things that you have in your first aid kit, BOB, EDC, and the food that you store is also a major help in surviving any disaster.


There are also some items that you need to have in your car’s glove box which can help you in a survival situation.

Alcohol Swabs

Use alcohol swabs to clean your wounds, you can also use them as a fire-starter.


You can also carry some documents in your car. For example is you vehicle’s registration and proof of insurance, you might be need it in case an officer pulled you over.

Face Mask

Face mask can be helpful especially when you are in a situation wherein it is difficult to breathe.

Folding Knife and Fire Starter

You can use the folding knife as a weapon to defend yourself or to cut meat, ropes, etc.


A small headlamp can be useful especially when you need your both hands when working on something.


A map is a very important item to have; you can use this when you get lost. You can use smart phones, tablets and GPS to access a map, but these items can be useless when the batteries die. You should carry a paper map at all times and put it to your car’s glove box.

Pepper Spray

Use pepper spray to defend yourself against human assailants, you can also use this against animals.

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