5 Secrets to Surviving a Winter Power Outage

Many people love the natural beauty of a snowy day. However, a severe winter storm is something that very few people are happy to see coming. Not only does a winter storm bring traveling to a sudden halt, it could also cause a loss of power in the home. Failing to be properly prepared for a lack of electricity could lead to disastrous consequences. Here are five secrets to surviving a winter power outage.

5 Secrets to Surviving a Winter Power Outage

Surviving a Winter Power Outage

Food & Water

When a winter storm is on the approach, it is always best to stock up on at least a couple cases of bottled water. This will ensure that everyone stays properly hydrated. It is also a good idea to fill the bath tub and large containers with water to use for purposes other than drinking. Instead of purchasing fresh or frozen foods, opt to buy non-perishable foods such as canned goods and dried fruit. Most canned meats and vegetables are safe to eat even if they are not heated.

Consider a Generator

When the lights go out, a generator will prove to be a very valuable power source. A professional 1177electrician service such as Trim Electric will be able to install a generator kit in the home. The generator kit enables a portable generator to be safety connected to the home’s breaker box. This eliminates the need to run potentially hazardous extension cords from the exterior of the home. The generator can then be used for such things as powering space heaters, recharging cell phones, and providing electricity for cooking. However, be sure to have a fresh supply of fuel on hand.

Heating Source

If your home is already equipped with a gas heater or fireplace, you are already one step ahead of the game. Having an adequate supply of firewood will ensure that the fire will be able to last for several days. Under no circumstances should gas stoves be used to heat the interior of the home. Gas stoves have the potential to cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Using the Toilet

Always keep a pail of water on standby. The toilet can be effectively flushed by pouring water directly into the bowl.

Staying Warm

To ensure that your body temperature remains as warm as possible, wear a head covering or hat to prevent heat from escaping from your head. It is also advisable to keep thermal blankets and sleeping bags on hand.

Source: doomsdaymoose.com

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  1. We have a wood sove we se for our primary heat scource. Wood is redily avaiable in our rural area of northern Minnesota.

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