Canning and Preserving

Hardtack:World’s first Original Survival Food

Thruout hystory bread has been a vital staple of life.Archeological evidence sugest that pre-neolitic cultures cooked a very simple flat bread on hot stones. [...]

Pemmican: The Ultimate SHTF Food Ever Discovered

What’s pemmican? Pemmican is the best survival food ever and was introduced to the civilized world by the native americans and they’ve been making it for [...]

Meat Preservation:The Lost Ways Of Curing And Smoking

Before refrigeration people relied on salt and smoke to preserve their meat. Most people lived on family farms and the "smoke house" was as familiar as the [...]

How to Preserve Meat for Survival

In a SHTF event, chances are that you will not be able to rely on your fridge to preserve your food as usual. People can get overtly reliant on fridges to [...]

5 Methods of Home Food Preservation

Are you interested in preserving food for later? Then you should become familiar with these five methods of home food preservation… [...]

Key Tricks for Mastering Canning and Preserving

Canning and preserving methods are simple and safe, and can produce food that’s nutritious and delicious. Mastering the techniques and becoming a successful [...]