The Lost Ways Second Edition

Many of you probably purchased or heard about The Lost Ways (first edition).The author, Claude Davis just issued the second edition of the book, The Lost Ways II and I am truly amazed of the knowledge these two books contain. [...]

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Sneaky Tricks to Scare the Looters

Looters are a serious problem that accompanies any disaster. If you don’t believe me, just look at Hurricane Katrina; the city was underwater, but the looters were out, [...]

What is the Best Kind of Milk for Food Storage?

I don’t think the average person realizes how much they utilize milk and dairy products.  If you don’t own a milk cow or goat, in an emergency/crisis event, you might [...]

5 Items to Include in Your Prepper Car Kit.

You’ve done the research, made a plan and stocked up on non-perishables, and now your home is a prepper’s paradise. But what if an emergency happens while you’re on the [...]

16 Signs That Most Americans Are NOT PREPARED For The Coming Economic Collapse

Sometimes I think that I sound like a broken record.  I am constantly using phrases such as “get prepared while you still can” and “time is running out”.  In fact, I [...]

Top 5 Places NOT To Be When The Dollar Collapses

The dollar collapse will be the single largest event in human history. This will be the first event that will touch every single living person in the world. All human activity [...]

How To Cook Dry Beans With A Solar Oven

So – along with your other food preps, let’s say you’ve stored countless pounds of dry beans. Have you considered alternate methods to cook them, just in case? [...]

Essential Preps To Survive After TSHTF

After a complete SHTF breakdown of modern civilization, there are essential preps which will help you survive a new world in which survival will hinge upon a more primitive [...]

Survival: How To Find Water

Water is the most abundant resource on this planet in terms of sheer volume, but fresh drinking water is not as easy to come by. Although the earth is covered in oceans, [...]

5 Steps To Financial Survival

Stop Borrowing. Stop the bleeding. Regardless of your current debt, you must (I mean, must) stop sinking further in debt. You will not be able to change anything until you [...]

6 Things You’re Not Doing That Will Bite You In The Ass

There’s a ton of survival tips and tricks out there that focus on lists of junk you don’t need and forget about the small things. Sure, there are lots of items that [...]

The Most Commonly Forgetten Item for EMP Protection…Lights!

Many preppers protect their critical electronic devices from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) using a variety of sealed metal containers to serve as Faraday cages. An EMP is a [...]

Natural Remedies To Boost Immune System

The Immune System is the body defense mechanism to fight off invaders. Our immune system is an amazing work of nature — it does a very good job of fighting off illnesses and [...]