Homemade Probiotic Salsa Verde Recipe

untitledI love a good salsa verde sauce, especially over enchiladas. In my quest to eliminate commercial bought products and make my own healthier foods, I decided to try my hand at making tomatillo sauce for chicken enchiladas. I couldn’t believe how easy and delicious it was! I will never buy canned enchilada sauce again. You can make this salsa regular or you can ferment it to give it a probiotic kick and increase the shelf life.

Ingredients: • 8-10 tomatillos- husks removed and quartered • 1/2 white onion- chopped • Garlic-chopped (You can determine how much garlic you like, I used 5 cloves because I love garlic!) • Cilantro- chopped • Jalapeno pepper- seeded and chopped • Lime- zest and juice • Water • Salt & Pepper • Cumin • Olive Oil

Warm up a large saucepan to medium heat and add some olive oil. Sautee up garlic and onions until onions are translucent. Add tomatillos and jalapeno. Season with salt & pepper and cumin. Add lime zest, lime juice and some water to thin out the sauce, and let sauce simmer for 20 minutes-1 hour. Season to taste. You can pour the sauce into a blender to make it into liquid, or you can leave it chunky.

Fermenting the salsa is a natural preservative and also adds healthy probiotics to your sauce. All you need to do is pour your cooked sauce into a glass jar and let it cool down. Once it has cooled all you need to do is add a tablespoon of whey (which can be strained from yogurt) and set it on the counter, cover with a secured paper towel and let it sit for 2-4 days. Then you can put a sealed top on and put in the fridge. That’s it! So easy and full of probiotic benefits!

Salsa Verde is good on chicken, fish or any Mexican dish The sauce is great for enchiladas, but if that is the case you can skip the fermentation process since the heat from cooking will just kill all the good bacteria. If fermented it will last in the fridge for 6 months and is great on tacos or served with tortilla chips. Enjoy!

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