Are There Worms In Your Water?

red-worms-in-water-supplyThe idea of drinking water with worms in it certainly isn’t appealing. But residents of a small Oklahoma town have recently been advised not to drink the water or use it for cooking for that very reason…

However there is one prep item, that if you had it, would ensure your avoidance of this type of contamination…   Despite the fact that town officials have said there are no adverse health effects with the red ‘blood’ worms which had infested the towns water supply, residents of the Oklahoma town Colcord, near the Arkansas border, are being asked to avoid drinking tap water until the local utility is sure that it has gotten rid of tiny red worms that got into the water system.

The worms range in size from 1/2 to 1 inch, and apparently the chlorine in the town’s water supply won’t kill them. Even pure bleach won’t kill them… “You can take the worms and put them in a straight cup of bleach and leave them in there for about four hours, and they still won’t die,” said the Colcord water commissioner.

——————- The reason I bring this up is to use this example as yet another reason to have a quality drinking water filter in your home/preps. Even during ‘good’ times, you never know what might enter  your municipal water supply… imagine during SHTF, and/or when you’ll have to procure your own water?

Safe drinking water should be one of your top primary concerns to consider when you’re evaluating your preps, the risks, and your solutions to these problems.

Clean fresh water is, and always will be, a precious resource. Get yourself a decent water filter. Do your own research and fit your own budget. Jeff, ‘the Berkey Guy’ is one great resource for quality water filtration. You can check him out via his banner over on the right side of the page (Berkey Water Systems). Or simply go somewhere else if that suits you… The point is, having ‘any’ decent drinking water filter will potentially save you from some of the health risks associated with contaminated water.

I keep a high quality filter at home, and also a smaller portable water filter in the car kit. If I’m camping or plan a day hike, etc., I will carry water PLUS a small portable water filter.

It just makes sense…


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