The Great Economic Reset, Only Months Away?

In case you haven’t noticed, the DOW is down nearly 800 points in the last several weeks. Friday, the world markets have suffered their bleakest day of the year so far. Prominent financial players are expressing extreme concern, and some believe the end game is nigh. Could we finally be at the precipice of the economic tipping point, about to be hurled over the edge into an economic apocalypse that will make the events of 2008 seem like child’s play?

Time is running out.

The truth is setting in.


This is all eerily reminiscent of the years following 1929. Following the initial crash (2008 parallel), the stock market rebounded, and the people thought they were ‘out of the woods’ and everything seemed okay (like today). Then, it all crashed hard, leading to the deepest years of the Great Depression. The past few years ‘the system’ has been propped up by massive bailouts, money injection into the banking system, and policies enabling banks to absorb their bad debt without defaulting. The problem is… this has all been temporary, and the ‘real’ economy has not improved. It has in fact worsened – despite the numbers that are presented (misrepresented) by the banksters, the government, and the main stream media.

30% of the purchasing power of the dollar has been destroyed in the past four years while wages remain stagnant. The U.S. economy needs 125,000 NEW jobs each month just to stay even with the unemployment rate. The most recent reporting has been well below that, and the prior month’s numbers were revised downward well below that as well. China is rolling over, the Eurozone is in complete economic turmoil with the breakdown and apparent eminent sovereign default and exit of Greece. Money has been fleeing Greece (and now Spain) with ongoing bank runs.

We have been lulled into a false sense of security as we have been in the eye of the economic hurricane for several years now, and most have forgotten that the winds are swirling all around us as we are about to re-enter the fury of the storm. There has been no real correction yet, no deleveraging or unwinding of the massive derivative market. No one has been held accountable.

Greece is almost gone. Spain, and then Italy will swiftly be next. Dominoes will fall. All this while the Fed may be too late to act as it plays politics with the current election cycle in the U.S.


The outcome is not in question. However the timing and management (or lack thereof) of the unwinding is. At the present time, it appears that the market may be realizing the truth of the matter as they are fleeing to ‘safety’. Reality has arrived. Friday’s Gold was up $66 an ounce.

We don’t know what is to come. The world has NEVER been here before. Those who believe the U.S. can remain unscathed from what is happening in Greece, Spain, Italy and the Eurozone, evidently do not understand the definition of ‘contagion’. It can happen VERY fast.

Reported from an ‘insider’ source at, who predicts the collapse of the Eurozone within 6 months,

The Iron boot has been firmly planted to the pedal of this runaway tractor trailer that is heading off the cliff. All of the Euro banks including my former associates at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) are all prepped and ready for the Euro collapse. What we in the inside are calling “Spanish Flue” is now running hot with temperatures that are setting ten year yields sky high. What many do not realize is that Bankia’s demise has started a breach in all the firewalls and safety measures that are in place in the Eurozone. This had an immediate effect on the Italian markets as you can now see the pandemonium that is there.

We keep hearing reports of massive bank runs that are occurring across many of the PIIGS but is not just limited to them. As I stated many times the UK and France are the most vulnerable to the Eurozone collapse, many of their populace are cashing out of their equities though there is a massive media blackout about this. European contacts report that there is a flight to German bonds, UK and a mass migration to the US dollar. But these currency life preserver jumps will not help as the contagion in all FIAT markets are affected. It is a game of hot potato that the investors are playing, jumping from one asset to the next and again before the one that they just jumped to burns. A juggling act with fire that cannot be quenched.

On Friday, Jim Sinclair of said, “QE to infinity is for certain. About that there is no question whatsoever. It cannot be avoided;” “The Fed is playing with something worse than fire. That fire is posted in a video today [see below] and references a worldwide financial crisis that if it starts cannot be stopped by any power on the planet.” “They are already easing up on the rhetoric. The Fed will downright panic as the world’s economies go from slow to dropping out of sight. That is what is on the plate tonight, this night, right here and now.”

This is one day going to end very badly. Time is running out. There is no stopping this. There is prediction among some insiders that the Eurozone will collapse this fall/winter with naked exposure of all derivative markets the world over. In essence, the end. The great reset.

Are you prepared for the chaos that will follow such an event? I hope so. If not, start planning TODAY.


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