The Government Shutdown Is a Slap in the Face of the NWO

government-shutdown-300x2251Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV), doesn’t speak to the fact that he was elected to serve the American people. Instead, he speaks to the fact that his allegiance is to the government, whom he serves. And who is the government? Reid can only be talking about the central bankers and their wall street minions who have hijacked the US government. Reid’s words are a testament to the fact that the shutdown of the US government is a slap in the face of the New World Order.

My Life Has Not Changed, Has Yours?

What government?

Dave-Hodges5As we watch the ongoing staged theatrics associated with the so-called debate over the budget, associated with the now infamous government shutdown,I am left wondering if my life has significantly changed as we complete our third day of government shutdown.

I got up yesterday morning, dropped off my son at school and went to work. I performed my job, drove home, helped my son with his math homework and then I went to bed. I had a very average, yet productive day. If someone had not told me that the government was shut down, I would never have known. The sky did not fall and I rather enjoyed living in a government free country, if even for only a brief time.

For a Short While, We Can All Breath a Little Easier

As I realized that I have survived three days without my big brother, I am kind of getting used to the idea. I rather like the idea that the government isn’t in my face.

Given the fact that the government is posturing to steal my bank account, my pension, my wife’s 401k and every other pension and social security check for every citizen in the country, I feel much safer knowing that my government cannot reign down terror on the lives of myself, my family and my fellow countrymen during this government shutdown

I have been reading through the list of federal government furloughs and I believe there is cause for celebration because there is a silver lining in the so-called government shutdown. Below is a partial list and a brief analysis of the supposed carnage in Washington DC and how this shutdown actually benefits the American people.


The unconstitutional Department of Education furloughed 94% of its employees totaling 3,983 out of 4,225 employees. Unfortunately, for the school children of America, the shutdown came after the haphazard national implementation of Common Core standards which will serve to undermine the education of most school children in America.

The Department of Education should be disbanded because the Constitution does not allow for its existence. Education is a state, not a federal function. Our children would be better off if we disbanded this agency. Maybe then, we could then see some real reforms instituted at the state and school board level.

The Internal Revenue Service

irs kiddies porn

The Internal Revenue Service furloughed 85,690 of94,516 employees (91%). Today, the children of America are a little safer, or at least some of these IRS employees will have to watch their kiddie porn on their home computers (in reference to the 2011 scandal). The furloughing of these IRS employees will also delay how quickly they can get their grubby little hands on your bank account for failing to register for Obamacare. Further, Tea Party members can rest a little easier knowing that the IRS does not presently have the manpower to harass and intimidate them as they have in recent history.

Homeland Security

If there is one agency that needs to be shut down, it is the American version of the East German Stasi. Unfortunately, only 14% of DHS employees have been furloughed giving credence to the saying that “evil never takes a holiday.” This means that granny still gets goosed at the airport and the rest of the flying public will still have sexual assault committed upon them by the TSA on behalf of the DHS. Also, DHS can continue to arm to the teeth as they prepare to go to war with the American people. Unfortunately, DHS can also continue to train 386,000 foreign troops to speak English, in FEMA Region 3, as these future occupation troops move one step closer to the inevitable.

The Grid EX II power take down drill will continue unabated on November 13th in what could be the largest false flag attack in American history. Big Sis may be gone, but the tyranny and the potential for catastrophic false flag attacks are still intact.

The Department of Defense

Fifty percent of the Department of Defense was furloughed this week (400,000 of 800,000). Perhaps with the military having fewer support personnel, one less foreign child will be killed by a drone, one less wedding party will be bombed and other innocent civilians around the world will get to live a few more precious days.

Sacrifices for Thee but Not for Me

Military families have been inconvenienced as military dependents (i.e. wives of men serving in Afghanistan) will not be able to shop for the cheaper groceries at the Base Commissary as they have been closed. Yet, on a brighter note, Obama’s federal golf course is still open for business.

I am truly sympathetic to the 800,000 federal employees who have been furloughed as some will not be able to pay their mortgages and car payments. However, Congress is still paying themselves despite the number of federal employees suffering through this debacle.


When you had your last garage sale, did you really lament over getting rid of your junk? The same is true for the size of government. As we shed some government weight, doesn’t it feel good? Isn’t it about time we realize how worthless most governmental positions truly are? We are in need of a constitutional amendment which would permanently do away with 90% of all government positions. The size of government needs to be limited. I am thankful for the shutdown because it exposes what needs to be done with regard to the scope and size of our government.

An attack upon government is an attack upon the forces of the New World Order. And that, my fellow Americans, is a great thing to behold!


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