Tools And Equipment Without Fuel Or Electricity For Prepping

tools-for-preppingIn the event of a SHTF collapse, our refining and fuel operations/infrastructure will quickly grind to a halt while local fuel supplies will deplete and disappear within days.

In a long term scenario, your gasoline/diesel/gas/electricity powered equipment and tools will become useless.

Have you thought about this?

Even if you’ve stored an amount of fuel for your generator, vehicle, and other such powered ‘tools’ — it will run out.

While reliance on stored fuels for short term disaster is not a particular issue, if a collapse were to occur, you would be in big trouble without alternatives such as hand tools, etc.

It is smart to stock hand tools and manual operated equipment (those not requiring petroleum fuels or electricity) for tasks which fit categories including the following…

Tree cutting Log splitting Soil tilling Brush cutting Wood carpentry Food prep, cooking, and preservation Transportation of self and/or supplies

I could go on with examples, but I suggest that YOU write a list of top-level categories (your tools/equipment which require fuel/electricity) and then break each of them down into individual items which you currently use around your home. Any of them which are fuel or electricity dependent, you should strongly consider a manual replacement alternative.

Many people may have all sorts of very useful modern tools, however most of these would become quite useless without fuel and energy to power them.

Think about it, and think about how you would apply your skills after the SHTF without these ‘modern’ tools. How would you do it?

A side thought… Apart from manual hand tool replacements, one alternative to a grid-down or off-grid use of electricity/battery-powered tools and equipment is to have a solar powered energy system for the home whereby a side benefit would be to keep your batteries charged, etc. It can be fairly (or very) expensive, but it’s a thought…

Remember this… Redundancy is critical. Two is one and one is none. Stock up on spare parts and maintenance supplies for everything.

Survival after collapse is lots more than having stored food, it’s about adapting to a lifestyle which will be VERY different from our modern lifestyle today. Having alternatives for the tools and equipment we take for granted today (because of electricity, gasoline, etc.) will be life essential. You best think about it now, before it’s too late…



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