3 Simple Things That Will Turn ‘Virgin’ Preppers into SmartPreppers

Here’s my motivating-but-not-preachy advice to get you started on your journey to preparedness!What I’m about to share with you is a short, simple formula that will transform ‘virgin’ preppers into SmartPreppers.

This formula works on any stage of your journey!

How can I make such a promise? Because the formula is time-tested. This exact method has made many people wealthy, saved millions of lives, and created revolutionary inventions.

It’s true for prepping, writing novels, building a business, or any other thing you do in life.

What are the 3 things?

  • Thing #1: Start SMALL
  • Thing #2: Pay Attention
  • Thing #3: Make it Repeatable

Thing #1: Start SMALL

Here’s the truth about starting…

You’ll never feel truly ready to start. SmartPreppers start even when they don’t feel ready.

The abundance of quality material and info on prepping is everywhere. But that can be a curse. Information overload happens and you’re trapped in the cycle of ‘researching’ the best method for (fill in the blank).

The journey to self-sufficiency and preparedness may seem too long ~ even foolhardy.

Maybe this age-old question will clarify Thing #1 a bit. Which came first – the chicken or the egg? It doesn’t matter. Either one of these tiny things holds potentially for a flock.

You may be thinking….

All the stars have to align, the right resources need to appear, the timing isn’t in place, and/or you need to catch a break or two to succeed in self-sufficiency.

The fact of the matter is that your journey starts with a tiny step that is repeatable. You can take one step, right?

That one small step has a way of creating a new identity in you.


Yep. Buying an extra case of water on your trip to the grocery store begins to add up. You’ll start seeing your pantry grow by simply adding small items along the way. With a little time, you’ve become prepared for that winter snow storm or power outage. Then it hits you…


I’m prepping!

Congrats! You’re now doing the stuff!

Thing #2 ~ Pay Attention

This is the hallmark of SmartPreppers. They pay attention to their steps. Was that small step successful or a failure? If was an epic fail, they learn from the mistake and fail forward. If it adds value to their journey, they move on to the next thing…

Thing #3 ~ Make it Repeatable

This cycle will become a repeatable habit loop.

Oh, one more thing. You will fail at times. Welcome to the Failing Forward Club! You’re human. Failing doesn’t make you a failure. True failure happens when you forget about Thing #2 and Thing #3.

If you’ve spent any time with us here on our blog, you know we’re not experts who have it all together or figured out. But you will find a community of regular people committed to helping each other on our slow climb together – every step of the way.

Knowledge may weigh nothing, but it’s useless without action. You know you need to start.

You’ll never get anywhere without that first tiny step. It really doesn’t matter where you start – just start. You won’t be alone!

Keep doing the stuff.



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