Five Powdered Foods Worth Storing

untitled123Powdered foods are a great option for people who want to store a lot of food  but don’t have much space. As long as you have a reliable source of drinking  water or a way to purify  rain or river water, you’ll be in good shape. Below are what I consider some  essential foods that are available in powdered form.

  1. Powdered Butter — This stuff doesn’t taste exactly like  butter, but it’s close enough to where you can use it as a butter substitute  when cooking. If it’s chilled, it has the same consistency as regular  butter.
  2. Powdered  Peanut Butter — Also a great substitute in any recipes that call for peanut  butter. This product is a good source of protein and nutrients without the fat  found in regular peanut butter.
  3. Powdered Eggs — A can of this has 50 servings and is a great  source of protein. Powdered eggs don’t taste much like regular scrambled eggs,  but the butter flavoring helps. A good option for breakfast, although it is a  bit high in cholesterol.
  4. Powdered Cheese — One of the most important items of all.  This cheese sauce is good for making macaroni and cheese, casseroles, nachos and  more. The flavor and texture depends on how much water you use, so it works with  a variety of recipes.
  5. Powdered Milk — Milk is one of the most important staples  because of it’s high protein and calcium content. This product can be used in  any recipe that calls for milk or just for a bowl of cereal



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