Have a Backup for Your Backup

imagesThere are a number of things that could go wrong in an urban disaster. What  if your water filter breaks? What if your garden catches fire? What if your food  is stolen? The best survivors always have at least two backup plans. Here are a  few suggestions.


Your first priority is food storage. If you have the financial means, buy  some freeze dried food or MRE’s from a company  like Nitro-Pak. Otherwise,  head to Costco or Sam’s Club and get what you can afford. There’s an article on  this site called Food  Storage – Where to Begin? that teaches you how to fit two weeks of food into  one tote.

But what will you do for backup? You could start a survival garden, raise  chickens or rabbits, buy some fishing gear, learn how to spot edible wild plants  that grow in your city, gather precious metals and other small items that you  can trade for food, etc. Whatever you decide, make sure you’ll have at least 3  sources of food available.


Since I don’t have a lot of room, my first plan in case of a water shortage  or contamination is to head to a stream near my home and use my Katadyn water  microfilterHave a Backup for Your Backup

. However, I am storing as much bottled water as I can. I also  have lots of water  purification tablets, and eventually I’d like to set up a system for  collecting rainwater. For more information, check out the article, The  Easiest Way to Purify Water. Again, make sure you have 3 sources.

Fire & Cooking

Don’t just stock up on a bunch of matches and plan on cooking food on your  grill. You should have a firesteelHave a Backup for Your Backup

, lighters, and plenty of lighter fluid. You should also have a  dutch oven, some canned  heat, or even a solar  cookerHave a Backup for Your Backup

. There are other options. See Cooking  Without Power.

Other Examples

Stocking up on soap? Make sure you also have hand sanitizer. Or consider  growing some antibacterial herbs. You could even learn to make soap from animal  fat. Collecting candles for light? Make sure you also purchase batteries and  flash lights, oil and oil lamps, or even glow sticks. The more options, the  better.

If you are forced into an urban survival situation, don’t put all your eggs  in one basket. Have a backup for your backup.


Source: urbansurvivalsite.com

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