8 Teas You Must Pack In Your Bug-Out Bag

teas1-293x200Taking the right types of tea with you when you bug out is much more important than you`d think. First of all, if you run out of filtered or bottled water, you can make tea with boiled water to make it taste better. Secondly, tea can help you prevent and even cure a lot of ailments, from indigestions (very common in times of crisis), to pulmonary diseases.

Here are the most crucial 8 you need to pack in your bug-out bag:

1. Peppermint

Stomach burns and indigestions are very common in times of crisis, and you don`t want to start taking antacids like candy. So I suggest you make an infusion with peppermint leaves, to soothe your stomach and help you with digestion.

If you suffer from ulcer or constant stomach aches, drink two cups of peppermint tea everyday. If you`ve got a nasty indigestion, drink 3 cups of tea for three days (or until the symptoms are gone). But even if the symptoms disappear from day 1, I suggest you keep drinking it for two more days, so your stomach can heal completely.

2. Chamomile

Chamomile is well known for its relaxing properties. It induces sleep and relaxation, so you can use it as a “nightcap” to ease the stress off and have a good night sleep.

Don`t forget having a good night sleep is crucial when you`re dealing with a disaster or crisis, especially when you`re forced to bug out. So do anything you can to make sure you rest enough and well. You`re the one your family relies on, so you need to be in your best shape.

But here`s something not many people know: chamomile tea is antiseptic, so if you`ve got scratches or minor wounds, you can dip a clean cloth in it and gently wash the injured surface with it. It will kill germs and also speed the healing process.

3. Black tea

If you`re used to drinking coffee, but you`ve got none, try some black tea. It`s got enough caffeine to kickstart you and keep you going for hours in a row. Plus, it`s much healthier than coffee. That doesn`t mean you can drink ten cups a day, though. As I said, it acts just like coffee, which means your heart rate will go crazy if you overdose.

4. Green tea

This is one of nature`s miracles. It`s a powerful antioxidant, reduces bad cholesterol in the blood, it`s anti-viral and anti-bacterial, and it boosts your energy levels through the roof. Quite everything you need when you`re dealing with an emergency situation. Especially when you don`t drink coffee (or anything with lots of caffeine), but you need some extra energy.

Warning: Just like black tea, green tea has caffeine, as well. If you`re not allowed to drink anything caffeinated, stay away from it and choose…

5. Ginger tea

It`s a natural, non-caffeinated energizer, but its properties go way beyond that. It`s GREAT for your digestive system, because it soothes and stimulates it at the same time. Also, it`s got anti-inflammatory properties (if drunk regularly). So if you suffer from arthritis, for example, this tea could help ease the pain. And last, but not least: it makes nausea disappear in no time.

6. Nettle

Take some stinging nettle leaves, boil water, put the leaves in and leave the bowl covered for 10-15 minutes. Drink this infusion on a daily basis and it can do miracles for you if you suffer from anaemia.

Also, drink it when you`ve caught a cold (especially if you cough) or if you`ve got kidney or bladder problems. Works for urinary tract infections, as well.

7. Echinacea

Echinacea`s main benefit is boosting your immune system. So if you want to be as resistant to diseases and illnesses, this is definitely the tea you should be drinking.

But there are other benefits on the side, as well: it relieves pain and reduces inflammation, and it`s also a powerful anti-oxidant.

8. Pine needles

You don`t even need to carry these with you. Depending on where you`re bugging out, you may find pine needles in the area. And you don`t need any special “recipe”. You proceed the exact same way as with nettle tea: you boil some water, put the needles in and leave the bowl covered for 10-15 minutes.

Pine needles are packed full of Vitamin C, 10 times more than lemon. There`s no better way to prevent a cold from settling in (or at least shorten its life) than by taking a supershot of Vitamin C.



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