7 Steps To Prepare For A Stranger At Your Home

When an expected stranger is scheduled to come into your home, there are some definite precautions that you should take ahead of time to ensure your security during the visit and afterwards.

You don’t know that repairman or service worker. Why would you trust your life or belongings to a complete stranger? Here’s how to prepare…


Isolate The Work Area

You presumably will know the area in which the work is to be done. The only areas where the worker(s) should be is the area from the door of the home to the room where the work is to be done. EVERY other room should be closed off by simply closing their doors. There is no reason for a stranger to see into your other rooms to discover information about you and to see your belongings.

Remove Valuables And Clues

Information can be discovered very quickly about a person by observing the clues that are around them. If you sterilize or depersonalize the work area environment, there will be less information for that stranger to discover. Consider removing pictures, valuables, and items which may reveal unwanted information about you or your family. For example, how many of you have a refrigerator with precious information, notes, or pictures stuck to the door? What if there was an invitation or calendar in plain sight which indicates an appointment when you will be out of the house? Get the idea?

Confident Attitude

When the worker arrives, BE CONFIDENT when greeting at the door. Be in charge. This attitude will deter many of those with ulterior motives.

Avoid Vulnerable Positions

After the greet, direct the worker where to go by pointing and verbal commands. NEVER walk or lead the person to that place! This puts you into a very vulnerable position! ALWAYS walk behind them where you can see what bphomedefense1-224x200they’re doing. This is a very common mistake that people make…

Have An Exit

Always keep an exit or an ‘out’ between you and the worker. Never be cornered in a room with a stranger.

Stay Aware

While the work is being done, do not become distracted yourself with other things. Be aware of what’s going on and what the person is doing (within earshot, etc..).

Check For Problems

After the work has done and the stranger has left, look around and discover if anything is out of place or missing.

While the likelihood may seem very small where you might encounter a bad situation with a service worker in your home, IT DOES HAPPEN, perhaps more than you hear about…

Taking precautions for your safety and your families safety is your responsibility as a human being. Your ultimate protection is your 2nd Amendment right to a firearm. Consider concealed carry while in this scenario…


Source: modernsurvivalblog.com

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