Proper Preparation: Breaking and Entering Defense

Security is vital to protecting ourselves, loved ones, and property. Most of what we can do is very basic and making these things a habit will significantly contribute to our safety and well being.

While it is rare, being prepared for emergencies like theft or breaking and entering is essential to ensure that you don’t become a victim. Most people avoid preparing because it costs money, is inconvenient and they live in a good neighborhood without crime. At the same time, these preparations are the best way to avoid issues with theft. Here are a few simple ways to defend your home against burglars.

Use Existing Locks

While it may not be very advanced, one of the best ways to avoid theft is to use your existing locks. Many people who live in safer neighborhoods don’t lock their doors. It’s time to use your existing locks by regularly keeping doors and windows locked, even if you’re home.

Not only that, but you should check all of the locks before going to bed. It’s also a good idea to keep children from opening the door to uninvited strangers. If you have a spare key, then it’s better to give it to a trusted neighbor instead of placing it under a mat or flowerpot.

Get a Dog

Dogs are a great way to defend against theft. Any dog, regardless of its size, will bark and make loud noises whenever an intruder tries to enter the house. They will also be protective of their owners. Their loud barks will ensure that someone knows about the intruder’s activity, and larger dogs can intimidate thieves.

While dogs won’t be able to stop all burglars, they will be effective in dissuading criminals.

Secure Sliding Windows and Doors

Burglars love sliding windows and doors because they are easy to open. First of bphomedefense1-224x200all, older sliding doors can be popped out of their frame, which means that they can be opened even if they are locked. Speaking of locks, the locks on sliding windows and doors are typically easier to pick than a door lock.

You should secure these areas to keep burglars from sneaking into your house. If you have a sliding door, then place a piece of wood or pipe in the back groove. This will keep the door from opening all the way, which will keep people out. Sliding windows can be secured by nails and metal pins. Just insert the nail a few inches above the window to act as a stopper.

Prepare the Yard

You can even prepare your yard so that it’s harder for thieves to break into your home. If you have shrubs, especially ones in front of windows, then be sure to keep them short. These provide excellent hiding opportunities for burglars. They might hide from police who are making their rounds, or they will wait until you come home to get your key.

You should also keep any walkways clear and visible. This makes it much easier to see people on your property. Some experts also suggest using holly bushes and thorny plants to dissuade criminals.

Sensor Lights

These lights are perfect for discouraging burglars. They will come on whenever they sense motion. If someone is trying to break into your home, then the lights will instantly turn on. This will make the thieves stop for a second because they might think that you turned the lights on. Not only that, but it provides instant visibility, which means that they might be caught.

Being prepared for emergencies is a good way to avoid breaking and entering because most burglars look for easy targets. If you just do some simple defensive preparation, then you’ll significantly reduce your likelihood of becoming a victim.


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