How to Open a Padlock with a Coke Can

In a true shtf situation there are many scenarios where you may need to open a padlock. Most padlocks can easily be opened with a hammer or crowbar but these methods can attract unwanted attention. This excellent video below by Its Tactical shows you how to make a simple shim Open_Padlock_With_Coke_Canfrom a coke can that can be used to open two of the most common types of padlocks. Lock picking is and excellent skill to have in a shtf situation so check out the video below and make a few of these shims to keep in your kit. Please remember this site does not condone criminal activity and these skills should only be used in a true shtf situation.



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  1. I also use a plastic head hammer on the single shank locks like the combination.2-3 whacks with a hammer and they pop right open.

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