7 Survival Life Hacks That Could Save Your Life

We have 7 survival tips to get you out of a pinch. They are all low cost projects, anyone could do.

This is a quick article to show you 7 really easy survival life hacks we all should keep on the back burner in case we ever need to use them. All 7 life hacks are meant to be used in a pinch so use common sense and substitute things if you have no access to the listed materials.

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Tip 1


If you need some light and a candle alone just won’t cut it, grab a soda can and cut open the sides, fold them out and place the candle in. This will reflect the light and give you some decent protection from the elements.

Tip 2


If you ever find your self with out a clean water source, grab a piece of clean cloth and 2 containers, put the dirty water in one container and run the cloth from the dirty container to the clean container. After a while you will have filtered, muck free water. Remember to boil the clean water, this method doesn’t get rid of bacteria and pathogens.

Tip 3


If you want to get a survival fire going with minimal effort, make sure you have a few of these ready made in your stockpile. Get an empty egg container and fill each slot with a piece of charcoal or pine cones, seal it up and light one corner. The egg carton will ignite the charcoal or cones and you will have a fire before you know it.

Tip 4


If the mosquitoes are getting bad, you can repel them easily using household herbs. The herbs that work best are Basil or Rosemary, so sprinkle some on the fire or the coals. The bugs and mosquitoes can’t stand it and will stay far away.


 Tip 5


How about a quick 2 minute solar oven? Grab a cereal box or something similar and cut out a fold. Wrap the top in aluminium foil and line the inner box with it as well. Place some food inside and give it some time. To make this more efficient, place more aluminum foil to focus the suns rays into the box.


Tip 6


Do you need to find the right direction home but have no compass? Get a small sliver of metal, such as a needle and rub it against your clothing several times. Place the metal or needle on a leaf and place it in some water, the needle will point you north. This is a great tip and so easy to try at home.


Tip 7


Last but by no means least. tip 7… The emergency oil lamp… Take an empty soda or beer can and fill it about half way with olive oil, Then roll up a paper town and place it into the can and let some oil soak up and light. You will have a makeshift oil lamp that will last for hours.


Source: shtfpreparedness.com

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