How to Put Your Home on Lockdown: 8 Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim

When a state of emergency is declared, it’s unlikely that people will still respect the law. It’ll be a world where everyone is out for survival, which means that looters, murders and other malicious fiends will be roaming the streets for whatever they can.

We spoke to home insurance experts from Anthony Clark Insurance Brokerage about how to better secure a home against potential robberies and other crimes. They gave us eight tips to better lock down a home:

    1. Invest in Curtains

      Windows are your greatest threat in a state of emergency. Individuals can peer in to know both who is inside of your home and what you have.

      Curtains act as a primary line of defense by hiding the contents of your home from prying eyes. This deters break-ins and other crimes.1_navysealfighter-ced9403

    1. Lock Your Windows

      Most intruders bypass doors completely unless they’re ajar. They’ll instead go for windows, which are generally poorly secured.

      Invest in locks that will stop your windows from being opened from the outside. If you find yourself in a pinch, you can drill a hole in the window frame and insert a bolt.

    1. Reinforce Your Doors

      The only thing that keeps doors locked tends to be one or two locks that can easily give way with a little force.

      To keep your doors secure, consider replacing your door jamb with a steel frame. This will make it next to impossible to kick your door in.

    1. Don’t Be Afraid to Board Your Windows

      In a state of bona fide emergency, it may be a good idea to board your windows up from the inside. This will protect you from intruders whom would be willing to break your windows to gain entry into your home.

      To take this one step further, you can add bars to your windows to deter people further. Unlike boards, you can easily see through iron bars. This may let you get the drop on a would-be intruder.

    1. Secure Your Basement

      Basements are one of those forgotten entrances that burglars will use to break into your home. It may be worth investing in bars for basement windows to prevent thieves from sneaking into your home.

    1. Don’t Make Yourself a Target

      When in a crisis situation where looters and other ne’er-do-wells are rampant, it’s important to keep as low of a profile as possible.

      This means minimizing your outside activity and keeping noise to a minimum. You don’t want people to know that you’re home unless they’re people whom you can trust.

    1. Build a Support Network

      If you stock up on supplies that people will need during an emergency, then you’ll find that your neighbors will value you highly. By building a support network, you can establish a community that will watch each other. This will ward off all but the most militant of trespassers

  •                      Invest in a Dog
  • While lights and other man-made deterrents may not function when the power goes out during a state of emergency, animals will. This makes having a dog that can guard your home key to warding off intruders.The best part about it is that most would-be intruders will be scared off by just the dog’s bark. The dog’s bite, on the other hand, is just an insurance policy.

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