How They Will Take Your Guns (video)

You may be under a false notion that should society collapse in to chaos (for whatever reason – major natural disaster or man-made collapse), that you will be able to protect yourself by the fact that you have a gun or guns. Think again. The likelihood of confiscation or attempted confiscation will be high.



As exemplified in the video below, ‘the authorities’ will wrongly focus on the HARDWARE rather than focusing on the REALITY of the situation. Instead of realizing that the majority of folks are upstanding citizens and simply posses firearms for protection, during a disaster or upheaval ‘they’ (the authorities) lose the ability to differentiate between the bad guys and the good guys. Their connection between their eyes and the brain no longer function properly and they can no longer perceive the difference between a gang-banger wielding a pistol and old grandma holding a revolver. They all look the same…

Remember this. EVERYONE becomes the enemy.

Don’t think for a minute that this situation was unique to those who suffered through Katrina (e.g. the examples in the video), and that the police in other parts of the country will somehow be different. While the behavior may be different here and there, the likelihood remains that they will come after your guns.

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So what’s an honest gun owning citizen to do in such an event?

Unless ‘they’ come to your door with a list of your firearms (highly unlikely in a chaotic event), you can tell them half-truths and give up ‘one’ of your guns. Knowing that they will check the place over means you should have the ‘other’ guns stored uniquely. The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution gives you the right – so it is your right to play the game of hiding what’s rightfully yours while perhaps giving up one of them so they’ll move along. You’ll be happy you didn’t give them all up should an opportune thug or gang confront you with your life later on… It’s better to be alive, yes?

I’m curious to hear your opinions after watching the video…

Do you believe this was mostly unique to the New Orleans area? Or could this happen elsewhere? How likely? Why is it that the police apparently lose the ability of reason under this stress (or is that unfair to say)? Are they (were they) simply following orders from up the chain of command to confiscate?

I know I’ve painted a broad brush regarding the police in this instance, and hopefully I haven’t upset too many of you cops or ex-cops out there who I know read this blog.  ;)

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