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Introduction to the Liberty Generator review

Liberty Generator is the new, updated, real, tested and guaranteed program for every family to sit there back at home or anywhere to reduce the electricity bill of light being consumed at home or in the office by 80% and even more just with the basic use of unconventional highly effective power generating method that people from Philippines, Korea and some other country have been making use of over 200 years.


This method has being used to exploit light in homes and also used to get their food cooked in the above countries mentioned, whereas people from these countries live less than $2 per day but with these Liberty Generator System they have been able to generate a beneficial life for them selves. There is no need to start installing any solar energy machine, start thinking of using electricity inverter or rely on generators before you can get your home and office a good form of electricity that would not cost you a lot, being comfortable having electricity has being made easy with the Liberty Generator that would cost you less than any other supplier of electricity.

The Liberty Generator has been produced to keep your family safe from any hazard and disaster that may want to come your way presently or in the future, the disaster can be in form of blackout, night mare or others. You only have to follow the step by step information that is being shared in the Liberty Generator Video to reduce the daily, monthly and yearly cost you have been spending on electricity bills. Liberty Generator contains the step by step video guide on how to produce your own personal bio fuel gas generator that can be used to electrify your home or office. The Liberty Generator Program is being created by Abel Thomas and through this Liberty Generator over 78,000 of the Americans has being helped to cut down the cost being spent on electricity bills and also to start living a healthy and buoyant lifestyle just by having electricity all the time. Abel Thomas created the technology to create electricity for every man that has the God give right over the things of the earth. The Generator Liberty is very simple and easy as it needs no experience to achieve its purposes; everything needed to create energy power for your home and family is the simple items that you always come across in and all around your home always.

How Does The Liberty Generator Program Works

The Liberty Generator is a kind of bio gas generator that take organic matter such as grass, left over scraps from animal waste, leaves that is being broken down into anaerobic digestion that is then converted into energy gas which is being used to power a vehicle, stove, grill, water heater and can likewise be converted into electricity that can be used in the home. In the Liberty Generator Program you will learn how to produce the bio fuel gas and likewise the generator that would be used to reduce the cost of electricity in the home. Both the old and young can virtually exploit the Generator Liberty Program and the Liberty Generator System is 100% safe and unique. The Liberty Generator is very comfortable with all the weather as it has no effect in any weather condition; there is no need to be afraid of the amount you would spend on buying fuel or thinking of when the sun would come out. You don’t need to worry all of these with the Liberty Generator Program.

Claim #1: It will slash your electricity bill by 80%

I haven`t got mine yet, but when I visited my friend, he showed me his bill and it was 60% off. And he`d only had his Liberty Generator for a month. I never would`ve believed it, but I saw the bill with my own eyes.

Now, I don`t know if it`s the size of the generator (he built quite a big one), but it`s still a LOT. Imagine slashing 60% off your electric bill…You wouldn`t mind that at all, would you?

Claim #2: Building your Liberty Generator will cost you less than $200

This made me laugh when I saw it. Everyone makes the same claim: “It only takes you $300 to build your solar panel” or “With less than $200, you`ll have a perfectly functional wind turbine in your backyard”. But when you start building the thing, you realise the costs are about ten times higher.

Not with this one. When I added the costs, I couldn`t believe my eyes: $37.5. I am NOT kidding you. I had a lot of the stuff I needed around the house, so I only had to buy four pieces from the hardware store. One of them was $9.

Claim #3: Liberty Generator costs has NO maintenance costs whatsoever

So far, this claim proved to be true. A biogas generator works on the most inexpensive and most widely available bio fuel you could possibly imagine: grass, leaves, wood, animal waste… even leftovers from your daily meals. Everything bio works just fine.

I`ve been feeding this baby leftovers from dinner, dried leaves, and even my dog`s waste for three weeks now. It`s been working non-stop, powering everything in the house, from the dishwasher in the kitchen to the lights in my garage.

Claim #4: You can build your Liberty Generator in less than four hours

Well, depends on how you see it. The building itself took me about 3 hours, indeed, but I had help from a neighbor. However, I had to dig a hole to make room for the generator and that added some extra time to the process.

Depending on how big you want the generator to be (yes, it`s scalable!), if you include the digging part, it can take you from 6 hours to a couple of days. The good part is it won`t take you more than a weekend to finish the job, no matter the size of the generator.

Bottom line: Amazingly, Liberty Generator exceeded my expectations like no other product. I was so used to being scammed that I`m still in shock this one actually works.

The thing I love the most about it is that it doesn`t cost a thing to keep it working. You just gather some leaves, some grass and maybe some leftovers (although I heard some people only “feed” it leftovers and it still works) and you can keep it running for as long as you want to.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to get Liberty Generator, scale it to the size that`s most convenient to you and wait for the results. I am very curious to hear about your experience with it, so please share it with us.

Ranking, Rating, Money back guarantee of the Liberty Generator Program

The Liberty Generator is a newly program that is just being introduced in the clickbank market place but being new has a high gravity that even program that has been in the market place for long hasn’t being able to achieve, it is rated 3 star out of 5 and it is ranked #2 in the category. If at all you are not being satisfied with the Liberty Generator Program you can request back for your money as it is backed up with 60 days guarantee.

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