Steps to follow in a Dirty Bomb or RDD Attack

Surviving an RDD attack

Also known as a Radiological Dispersion Device, RDD, dirty nuke, or suitcase nuke, a “dirty bomb” is an explosive device that’s been combined with radioactive material. It’s thought that an RDD attack is much more likely to occur in the average person’s lifetime than the use of an actual nuclear bomb. Dirty bombs are designed to not only cause immediate damage, but also to scatter dangerous amounts of radioactivity over a given area.


Knowing what to do before, during, and after an RDD attack is the best way to reduce the chances of bodily harm and lingering radioactivity concerns.



There is no real way of knowing when a dirty bomb attack is imminent, so your best bet is to keep the threat of a suitcase nuke in mind as you prepare your emergency kits and sheltering in place protocols. You’re already stocking up on things like non-perishable foods and fresh water, and if you haven’t yet, add things like any prescription meds you might take, a thorough first aid kit and a first aid instruction manual to your emergency supplies. Also, make sure that your emergency kit includes heavy duty plastic sheeting, duct tape and a couple of good pairs of scissors.

The other way you stay one step ahead of an RDD strike is to arm yourself with knowledge. Understanding all of the components and variables of a possible RDD attack–including your local precipitation stats, how far different radioactive materials can travel, and the prevailing wind directions for your area will all increase your chances of survival.



If you are unfortunate enough to be in the actual area when a RDD attack occurs, assume that radiological contamination has taken place. The explosion and destruction itself will be obvious right away, but you won’t know whether or not there is radiation present until trained personnel arrive, so acting as though there is a radiological threat will always be your safest option and will help you limit your exposure.

Immediately place your shirt sleeve, scarf, bandana, coat or any other readily available clothing over your nose and mouth, and use them as a filter to breathe through. This is not going to eliminate the radiation, but it will limit your exposure, especially when it comes to radioactive dust. If you are outside, get inside as quickly as possible, and try and find some place as low and with as few windows as possible. Basements and cellars are good options for shelter in these cases.

Next, you’ll want to limit the infiltration of radioactive particles and dust to your location. Turn off all ventilation and heating or air conditioning systems, and shut off any fireplace dampers, fans or coolers. If you are at home and have access to your shelter in place kit, take your heavy plastic sheeting and duct tape and seal up any windows, doors and vents. Turn on a radio or television and listen for information.

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The most important thing you can do following a RDD attack is to stay calm. The likelihood of serious radiological contamination is actually low, even for those close to the actual event itself. This kind of radioactivity is usually very weakly dispersed, and the radiation levels will drop very quickly following the explosion. At most, you will have to remain in place for a day or two. Help those around you remain calm and logical, as this will reduce panic and chaos.

Once you’ve been given the go ahead, you will want to seek out medical treatment if needed, and then take a thorough shower. Wash your body and hair well, but avoid using conditioner, as it can actually bind with any radioactive materials that may be lingering on your hair and body. You will want to seal up any clothing you were wearing and dispose of it appropriately, and whatever you do, do not return to the scene of the dirty bomb explosion until you are told it is safe to do so.


By James Cole

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