In Part 1 of this two-part series we looked at the need to stock more of the critical supplies on our list for two reasons: the first is that people just usually don’t stock enough for themselves, and we are talking about one year’s worth of supplies; and the second to have extras that we will be able to use for barter.


In an economic collapse the value of the dollar will tank and there is a very good chance that ours will become a barter economy in a short time. If you have what you need you can hold off on any bartering, but eventually you will run out and will need to be able to pay.


Complete stockpiling:


Our first six items were:

  1. Water and water filtration equipment
  2. Non-perishable foods
  3. Garden supplies and non-GMO seeds.
  4. Solar Power/heat for your home 
  5. Medications. 
  6. Ammunition. 


The next six items to stock are:

  1. Tasers and Pepper Spray
  2. Various Tools like a garden hoe, hammers, nails, screwdrivers, etc.
  3. Pesticides, especially cockroach and rat poisons.
  4. Warm clothing (Gortex is much more expensive, but has immensely bigger bartering potential)
  5. First aid supplies and medicines. Painkillers will be incredibly valuable.
  6. Toiletries/Sanitation – toilet paper will be a luxury item; stock it, but don’t treat it as a priority. Get kitty litter and large, heavy garbage bags for sanitation; stock paper plates and cups so you don’t have to wash dishes.


Start making lifestyle changes now:

We can’t help but feel that this collapse is imminent, and we all need to be preparing now. With that in mind, start making the following lifestyle changes if you haven’t already:

  1. Begin cashing out as many of your financial resources as possible.  Look into other possible investments. (Many people believe gold and silver will be the wisest choice);
  2. Make purchases in cash. Begin to get used to not using plastic; and
  3. Eat probiotic supplements and immune-boosting foods to strengthen your immune system.

Covet Anonymity.  We end part two where we began part I, with the importance of keeping a low profile if you and your family find yourselves living amongst others during an economic collapse.   Practice the following behaviors:

  1. Keep quiet about your preparedness cache and knowledge, except if you find a close community of like-minded people that you trust;
  2. Keep most of your supplies hidden from the view of visitors and possible military-types who conduct search and seizures; and
  3. When food and other things are being distributed to the populace, show up like everyone else does. If you don’t show up, it will draw attention to you and your family.

This has just been a brief look at how to protect yourself and your family in a situation that many of us feel will be inevitable. We have only touched the surface, and recommend you continue your research to understand all of what you can do to survive and thrive.


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