Pemmican: The Ultimate SHTF Food Ever Discovered

What’s pemmican? Pemmican is the best survival food ever and was introduced to the civilized world by the native americans and they’ve been making it for hundreds if not thousands of years.


Pemmicann is a combination of dried meat (jerky) which is grownd up into a fine powder and then mixed with rendered fat preferably from the same animal.

To make pemmican the right way you’ll need ruminant meat like kow, buffalo, elk, caribou, moose or deer. Pemmican can be made also with fish. Costal native americans used to make fish pemmican.

Step 1:

trim fat

Your first step is to trim all the fat in excess from your meat. Then slice the meat in fine stripes (about 1/8 inch thick) in order to dehydrate them.To dehydrate the meat you can use a dehydrator or oven at 130-150 degrees F for about 12 hours or untill the meat cracks when bent.

The jerky dehydrated at this temperature maintains a higher amout of vitamins and nutrients within the meat.

The next thing to do is to grind the jerky to obtain the consistency of tiny hairs.


Step 2:


Make tallow: Cut the beef or other animal fat into small pieces. Add the fat into a pot and let it boil ontallow low heat until the only solid parts are the tissue.You want to eliminate the water not to overheat it or burn the fat(230-240 ° F). Then strain the tallow through cheesecloth ,mesh or strainer to eliminate the bigger parts.If you use the strainer use some papper towels as a filter. Repeat the process until all bigger particles are eliminated.Let it cool down for 10-15 minutes.



Step 3:

A very common additive was dried fruit.You can use blueberries, cranberries etc. Grind the fruit.The next thing to do is mix 45% jerky with 5% fruit and then mix 50% tallow.The jerky will probably absorb the tallow very fast and will look like more is needed.Keep working the mix and you’ll see it comes right.imagesGMM19724

Step 4:

Roll into balls, or spread over a dish and stick it into the fridge.  When it’s chilled, you can easily cut it into bars.  I did a plain one, and believe it or not, a chocolate one with a couple teaspoons of raw cacao powder and a few pieces of 85% dark chocolate.  It turned out really good, even though I added a bit too much salt to the chocolate one. The first time’s always for experimenting, see what you like.

Tip: Remember that this is an extremely energy dense food. About 150g = 1000calories.You can store the pemmican into small containers (50-60g) so you’ll have 350-360 calories for each container. An average person sitting in camp needs about 1200-1500 calories/day. For someone who makes a lot of effort double the amount of calories.

You can add salt to this mix. Salt will prolong pemmican’s shelf life.

Store in cool, dark and dry place. I’ve heard people saying that with time pemmican tastes even better. If you have other things to add, please leave a comment below.

The next video shows us how to make pemmican like it was made by the Native Americans …the recipe from The Lost Ways book.

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4 Replies to “Pemmican: The Ultimate SHTF Food Ever Discovered

  1. Pemmican: Never heard of it, but I’m forever grateful to you for putting this info out there. This could be a game changing food. thanks again. PS: Do we need to put it in jars or mylar once it is dry. God bless

  2. I wrap pemmican in wax paper and store them in a ziplock bag in a cool, dark place. It will keep for years like that.
    Even though pemmican doesn’t require refridgeration, you can also throw them in a ziplock and refridgerate it. It should store many more years like that. Thank you for your question.

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