How To Prep For Facing The Next Deadly Plague Outbreak

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It’s no doubt that misery, indeed, loves company.

When you think about it, what else is there to ‘love’ in a bad SHTF scenario so gruesome where pretty soon you might be all alone in this world with nobody left to hold your hand as you step into the afterlife without a clue?

In that perspective, the following warning may not assuage those who prefer NOT to die alone. Because this ‘mother of all apocalyptic scenarios’ might just violate your socially conditioned emotional content beyond anything you’ve ever experienced, or imagined.

If you find yourself sometimes thinking about things like “the calm before the storm” or relaxing too much in your prepping because there seems to be a slowdown in being threatened with cyber attacks on the power grid or promised HEMP attacks, don’t hold your breath too long.

Other bad things associated with living on a planet controlled by unconscious humans will no doubt pick up the slack and hit us at any given moment.

Right now there is something ‘that wicked cometh’ in a stealth kind of mode, that makes everything else pale by comparison.

Unfortunately, nobody pays much attention to the possibility of this type of event because a precursor to it always lives with us in more mundane forms of everyday health problems and sickness and most of us just deal with it.

We even developed a ‘normalcy bias’ so we just don’t think about the doomsday extrapolation that’s always just a small deviation away of changing our world in likely the most horrible of all scenarios.

Yet ominously, just few days ago… this Doomsday leap it might have happened.

This is the One Your Mama or at least Some Scientist Warned About

This deadly Resident Evil is spawned off the East African Coast on the island of Madagascar. It comes in the form of an endemic circumstance due to the impoverished lifestyle and optimal breeding ground for such diseases in this country.

If you haven’t heard about it until this report, it’s because they intentionally try to keep it under wraps as long as they can to see if they could quarantine the outbreak at the source while the World Health Organization rushed in to get a grip on the situation.

It turned out to be too late.

How will you survive when there is no doctor around? 

Plague Outbreak!

The Plague is nothing new. Evidence points to it being in China over 2500 years ago, and surely before that period in time. The major historic exposure event was during the 14th century in Europe.

It was referred to in history books as the ‘Black Death’, a name derived from one of the physical manifestations of the disease in dying victims where extremities and parts of their bodies turned black from the results of mass systemic sepsis overload causing gangrene and black necrosis of the skin.

The Black Plague was originally believed to be caused only by a version of the Yersinia Pestis Bacterium known as the Bubonic plague. This bacteria lives in dead animal carcasses and is picked up by fleas and transmitted to humans when bitten.

This Bubonic Plague spread rapidly and wiped out half of the European population around 1349. It was believed that the unstoppable spread of the Black Death plague was due to the excessively filthy living conditions and deplorable sanitation situation at the time which contributed to the widespread infestation of vermin, which proliferated the human biting fleas.

And since most Europeans back then were within spitting distance of these fleas, the resulting pandemic was inevitable.

However new analysis leaves most scientists not that convinced that mobilized rats infested with Bubonic plague carrying fleas as a sole transmission vector were the cause of the rapid spread of Bubonic plague throughout Europe at the time. This is due to too many anomalies in the mechanics of the pandemic spread and in the rat fleas theory that can’t be explained like the rapid virulence in areas where there were virtually no rats or fleas?

The modern conclusion is that it appears that it is more likely that a mutation of the Bubonic Yersinia bacteria evolved during the first year of the pandemic from advanced sickness cases where the lungs of victims were badly infected with the Yersinia Sepsis. They mutated into a far more virulent and contagious version of the bacteria that could be transmitted directly from human to human by coughing, sneezing, body fluid contamination, or even normal up close conversation through the micro-droplets of fine aerosol spray coming up from infected lungs.

This would be known as the Pneumonic Plague, and although rare, there are still known cases today of this horrific disease resulting from outbreaks and epidemics in India and parts of Asia as recent as the 20thcentury.

There are even a few cases of Plague a year reported by the CDC in the U.S. So far it’s the Bubonic version, mostly out west where vermin like rats and prairie dogs have reached out of control numbers and occasionally a hunter gets infected from direct contact with an infected carcass.

But since the incubation period of the Bubonic version is so short before they get sick, they get to a hospital soon enough, or die quickly, to avoid spreading it very much, where it is quarantined and contained and an outbreak is avoided.

But not in Other Parts of the World!

In certain parts of Africa, and particularly on Madagascar, there have been smaller outbreaks of the much deadlier form of Pneumonic Plague over the last few years in terms of its virulent contagiousness. For the most part these have been contained due to the relative remote isolation of incidents in such a large continent.

The grave issue here is that this very virulent form of the plague was not given more serious attention earlier and appears to have been treated as any other disease endemic to the country like Malaria, Dengue, occasional cases of Bubonic Plague, and the rare, but more dramatic and newsworthy cases of Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

So any small outbreak of the plague in the African hemisphere is apparently considered no more dangerous as a typical flu season here in the U.S. and treated with relative indifference. And since official policy in these third world regions is usually not to create panic, news blackouts are strictly enforced (remember, only America has 1st/A Free Speech and press) and barely a rumor or two gets out, and are rarely covered in the Western MSM.

So one might also then think that since they apparently are handling these cases, that there wouldn’t be much to ‘worry’ about in any case, but…

This Time You Might Be “Dead” Wrong

Because news of a recent ‘outbreak’ in Madagascar leaked out and this time it’s a potential worst case possible scenario. The bad news is that it’s not just one or two isolated cases. There are at least a hundred infected victims now.

This is the silent assassin that no gun can kill!

And the worse news is that this disease is confirmed to be the Pneumonic Plague! The real deal of historic mass pandemic population wipe outs.

And this time, they apparently cannot guarantee quarantine the spread of this outbreak without massive outside aid! Madagascar is a poor country that’s a breeding ground for disease without the health system capabilities to confront it.

Already there are rumors that a carrier had jumped the quarantine to the nearby Seychelle islands, even as international air travel has been officially suspended from Madagascar. But this outbreak is still not contained because local airlines like Kenya Airways might still be operating anyway in parts of Africa because it appears that a person with the Pneumonic Plague has been discovered and is being treated in Nairobi.

If a Pneumonic Plague outbreak jumps to the African mainland, a relatively short distance away, without somehow being immediately contained under strict quarantine, there’s a good chance that a super major pandemic will occur.

The pneumonic version of the Plague Bacterium is so virulently contagious that it simply can’t be stopped in today’s world paradigm of excessively mobile and rapid overseas transit amidst an ever- growing population of travelers if it breaks loose to widespread infections because of the astounding indifference to the paucity of preventive medicine in these nations or origin.

Also exacerbated by the WHO’s (World Health Organizations) strange indifference to this very real potential SHTF outbreak by not even recommending trade or commerce travel restrictions! Then it will be only a matter of a short time before it hits the Western countries.

And apparently, that’s exactly what just happened from just breaking reports. It appears as though the disease jumped from the Seychelles to a passenger wind up at the Nairobi International airport where thousands of other travelers come in contact with each other daily.

And only now, and perhaps way too late, are we starting to see reports of Health authorities becoming alarmed.

The Grim Reaper Two-Step?

But wait, there’s more!

While incompetent third world authorities try to struggle out of their apathy box to assess damage control, their reluctance to care about anything too much outside of kickbacks recommending highly questionable vaccines from their Big Pharma profiteer lobbyist donations, another very potential pandemic looks like it’s on back burner, ready to boil over.

Australia just announced that already there are almost three times as many serious Flu cases this year than last year at this time! Even though they had a large vaccination campaign in 2016.

Australia doctors already fear that the strain is mutating to a deadlier form. And current vaccines will not be matched and won’t be that effective. Not that they were ever that effective anyway?

So Australian health scientists are predicting that the U.S. will have a bad flu season this year, because traditionally, the Northern hemisphere gets what Australia has—or worse– a few weeks later in our ‘flu season’ now just beginning.

And just this past week scientists admitted that this year could be the one long time overdue epidemic where unpredictable Influenza strains can make the deadliest leap yet recorded in history. And they don’t know if they can get an improved vaccine out in time?

Now I’m one of those unfortunate persons who is ‘plagued’ by the ‘nothing is ever as it seems’ affliction. Over the last couple years I’ve noticed pumped up panic marketing of epidemic Influenza viruses coming fast so that you get your vaccination shots conveniently available everywhere from Walmart to truck stops and nothing much of a season ever came of it.

But a lot of Big Pharma profit was made.

But that doesn’t mean there will never be a Flu pandemic the likes of which killed of millions in the past. Again, we have insufficient health protections, and an overload of potential carriers in an exploding world population for these virulent diseases compared to previous times.

So here, too, it’s only a matter of time that highly contagious freak bacterium (read something like Flesh Eating Bacteria) and/or a super deadly mutated viruses–or both!–transform themselves into the ultimate universal killing machines!

Factor in inordinately curious government or Big Pharma organizations like the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority which just had 400 million of tax payers’ dollars pumped into its ‘projects’, among which is A Bird Flu Vaccine.

But Bird Flu almost never jumps to humans. And when it does, it’s rarely deadly. So why the interest in pumping this kind of money into developing a vaccine for it?

Could it be something to do with the fact that countries like China who recently admitted creating dozens of more powerful deadly mutations of Bird Flu virus (for what possible purpose?) with the capability of person to person viral transmission if they ever are released from the lab? Which certainly can never happen, right, RIGHT?

Of course not, even though France just admitted over a thousand test tubes of a very deadly SARS viruses simply ‘went missing’ from one of their labs, without further details?

Hmmm. We’ve heard of this type of ‘accident’ happening before, especially the way dangerous and deadly lab samples are transported so carelessly through the common mail and delivery services. But this kind of volume of SARS specimens requires extensive special handling with protected containers, full body suits, etc. These deadly locked up and surely ‘secured’ vials can’t just ‘walk’ out of a laboratory and vanish by themselves.

Many experts contend that it is just as likely that an intentional, accidental, or other weaponized outbreak and pandemic would be released sooner than a natural outbreak might occur, but the fact remains that these viruses and deadly bacteria are not only already seriously out there, but more are being developed every day!

And that means unlike prepping for specific or regional disasters, deadly germ and disease outbreaks are a primary prepping concern for everybody, everywhere, all of the time!

And I don’t mean merely getting vaccines, which simply have never been proven to help that much against a rapidly mutating strain of influenza.

You will accomplish more prevention, as always by becoming more situationally aware. If you don’t feel like sleeping tonight because you wanted to stay up to watch re-runs of Gunsmoke, first take a look at a website that will snap, crackle, and pop your eyes open for you, and use it to keep up on the latest related disease news. ‘The Disease News/Outbreak Daily Start’.

What to Do About It

If you’re a ‘seasoned’ prepper, then you pretty much know already. It’s the standard stuff. Have a good supply stock of essentials and more if you can before all hell breaks loose.

The main deadly difference with a deadly disease outbreak and pandemic is that with other SHTF catastrophes where people can and will come together, especially if you have organized ahead of time, to help and support each other, will not happen.

With the Pneumonic Plague or super deadly influenza excessive contact with others is a death sentence. Make sure you understand that if there’s even any hint of a Pneumonic Plague outbreak hitting the U.S.. They might not be announcing it directly and openly but you see on the news that hospital ERs are closing due to an uncommon influx of patients complaining of severe flu like symptoms (which, indeed, can also be a highly lethal influenza).

If so, you must ‘extremely’ limit unnecessary contact with others and the outside world in general. You must secure your outside defensive perimeter immediately, and make sure you’re prepared to hunker down for the duration.

If you’re new to prepping, get some of the books and tutorials here on disease and emergency health and start getting a plan together NOW. Otherwise here’s a few tips everybody needs to know for this very different kind of SHTF Scenario

Deadly Outbreak Prep

1. Bug Out to Your Safe Location

If you live in a city and you see the aforementioned signs unfolding, I, personally, would be bugging out to the alternate BOL at the first signs of a serious epidemic.

If it turns out to be nothing but an overly hyped (for vaccine sales) typical seasonal flu that’s contained, you can always come back. But you can’t come back if you already died already because you didn’t bug out in time!

Remember, too, that if it gets bad that Martial Law will likely be in effect and you might not be allowed to escape.

2. Reduce and Secure Contact with Other Humans

If possible, keep all contact with other living things not just at a minimum. BUT NOT AT ALL!

If you didn’t prepare all that well and now you have to risk going out because you absolutely positively got to have some beer and ‘tater chips… then avoid ALL direct contact by always wearing at least the paper surgical masks and sanitizing all physical contact with potentially contaminated areas before you take off your protective gloves.

If communicating directly or exchanging items is essential, then you must remain at least 30 feet apart and preferably up wind of the person you are talking to, while both of you wearing masks, if possible.

Put items transferred on the ground and retrieve only when distanced again, also wear protective gloves or suits.

But it’s best not to go out at all. In the great Spanish Flu outbreak of 1812 the people who lived stayed inside continuously without any contact with others.

3. Keep the 30 Feet Distance to Stay Safe

If you are not infected, DO NOT AT ANY COST ALLOW any other PEOPLE you don’t know for sure are safe TO GET NO CLOSER THAN 30 FEET FROM YOU! .

Anybody who has not been quarantined for a minimum of a week without showing symptoms is suspect. This goes for friends and relatives. Absolutely no handshakes, kisses, or ‘comfort hugging’. Tuff love is essential here. Otherwise there’s no love at all anymore, when you are dead.

4. Stockpile the Supplies that Boost Your Immune System

Make sure you’re well stocked with Vitamin C, Olive Leaf Extract, and 35% food grade h2o2 and any other preventive alternative and natural anti-virus/antibacterial herbs or compounds. Used correctly these can enhance your immunity to resist viruses and bacteria.

If you haven’t already, get a couple of publications on emergency medicine, epidemic protocols, and disease treatments. There’s some of the best available right here on Survivopedia.

This is the silent assassin that no gun can kill!

Let’s hope for the best, but get ready and prepare for the worst.

Final Threat Assessment

As of this writing, the first Flu Season counts five death.

Scientists are saying that we are long overdue for a very deadly Flu outbreak and world pandemic. And in combination with the abject negligence by so-called authorities in facing the clear potential of the world’s deadliest plague pandemics, this is adding up to something that we as individuals should be very concerned about.

This is another area where you simply cannot trust government authorities no matter what they promise.

And I didn’t even get into the added threat of weaponizing these diseases since at this point in time when they are literally there for the taking by radical extremists. Why waste the money and risk of strapping a suicide bomb when these biological weapons can kill even more than any other bomb?

The thing to remember about a super deadly global pandemic is that it is not as dramatic at first, as a sudden massive power grid takedown by terrorists or an EMP, a rapid economic collapse, or a nuclear war. It’s relatively quiet, like an Asian Cobra as it snakes up on you. And when it finally gets too close, it’s too late to survive anymore if you weren’t prepared in advance.

And the gravity of the situation doesn’t hit you until you look around and suddenly nothing is working anymore as it should, because people are too sick to go to work to keep the infrastructure from breaking down, or too afraid to come out of hiding while everything is falling apart, shutting down, and virtually most of civilization is dying, or about to…

And THAT, my beloved prepper family, might become a worse end times nightmare than all other apocalyptic scenarios put together.

6 Replies to “How To Prep For Facing The Next Deadly Plague Outbreak

  1. From ‘The Pandemic Preparedness Guide’ book; a 330 page book on, to help you understand what a pandemic is, what makes something a pandemic, what to expect and what to do when faced with it, and how you can get prepared for it in advance of the event. There are things you need to know, and items to secure in advance, well before you hear that a pandemic has been declared by the World Health Organization. Once you learn about it on your news, the time to buy certain items has passed and you will not likely find them at any price.

    “Some have laughed or scoffed at those on the Prepper reality TV shows, and maybe you were one of them. But have you ever thought about what makes someone a Prepper? A Prepper is someone who’s preparing for any of a multitude of possible calamitous events that could disrupt society (which in fairness may never materialize), by educating themselves on survival skills, and gathering, storing, or stockpiling, food, ammunition, and other supplies, in advance of such a perceived event, in order to make themselves somewhat self-sufficient and self-sustained. This could include anything and everything that they believe may be crucial to their survival, should such an event ever materialize.

    If you’re not a Prepper, before you make a judgment against them, I’d like you to consider this: Most everyone reading this book will shell out their hard earned money each month for: car insurance; home owners insurance; life insurance; disability insurance; health insurance; flood insurance, or a host of other types of insurances. We’re all paying money out for a promise or guarantee that some insurance agency will cover our assets if a calamity or disaster should ever befall us, and all the while we’re hoping that they’ll take our money month after month, for a service that we hope we’ll never need to use.

    Similarly, a Prepper is someone who’s buying insurance against a calamity or disaster which they’re hoping will never materialize, and putting away supplies that they may never need to use. However, unlike with a typical insurance policy, Preppers are buying a tangible asset by purchasing tomorrow’s groceries at today’s prices. And, should something happen to the nation’s food supply or even the supply chain continuity, they will not be out wandering the streets begging for bread from their neighbors, government agencies like FEMA, scalpers and opportunists, or scary strangers, neither of whom may be willing or even able to help you and your family live to see another day. My suggestion to you, if you haven’t started yet, is to at the very minimum become a casual Prepper, so that there’s no stress on your budget or your nerves, but by all means, do get started today. Having extra food in your pantry is never a bad idea, so don’t feel like you’ll be going overboard by putting a little extra away each time you go to the grocery store, and most especially when a store has weekly ‘buy one get one free’ sales on any canned goods/foods that you already buy, or think you might want to stock away for future needs. Let me say this again because it is so important: get started today while there’s no urgency to do so, because you do not want to wait until a calamitous event of some sort or another is upon us.

    Let me be clear: that calamity might not be an Ebola or influenza pandemic. It could be a chemical spill that contaminates the water supply in your area or region, it may be an earthquake, hurricane, volcanic eruption, or perhaps a disaster such as a solar flare or terrorist attack that takes out the electric grid. Experts from all walks of life have been warning that, should the United States electrical grid go down, regardless of the reason for it, the United States would be plunged into anarchy and a hundred million or more of us would die in the first year (with one estimate saying 9 out of 10 would perish within that first year), from various causes such as disease, poisoning, starvation, suicide, and even murder – sadly, there would be plenty of that.

    Something, somewhere, is going to happen, and if you haven’t prepared in advance and it happens near you, I can tell you with absolute certainty that you will not be able to get prepared when it begins; regardless of whatever ‘it’ happens to be. And what will you tell your family? “Sorry kids, but I really wanted that new set of clubs, the 4 day cruise, and those lottery tickets, so I spent our money on that instead of putting aside a little of our budget each week towards extra food, flashlights, cooking supplies, water storage containers, or ?” Of all the things to procrastinate on, this should not be one of them – you do not want to put this off until tomorrow, because when something happens, things could change in just a few hours.

    Despite some estimates of twenty to forty million people dying worldwide from the 1918 influenza pandemic, modern epidemiologists suspect that the numbers may have actually been much higher, offering figures of 50 million to as many as 100 million people succumbing to the disease. Some experts are now predicting that if the same sort of thing were to occur today, the death toll around the globe would likewise be in the tens of millions. However, although it would bring devastating numbers, the death tolls could likely be lower in the more developed countries due to: lessons learned; modern medicines; advanced medical equipment; and better disease containment practices. Knowing that it’s coming also gives us an advantage that they didn’t have a century ago.

    In late September of 2005, Dr. David Nabarro (one of the most senior health officials with the World Health Organization at that time), was appointed by then UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan, to lead the coordination of the UN response to the H5N1 Avian Flu, and any possible human pandemic. Within a day or so after his appointment, Dr. Nabarro, the most highly esteemed man for the job, according to Kofi Annan and the Director General of the United Nations (UN) who seconded his nomination, publicly offered an estimated global death toll of as many as 150 million human lives. ‘A flu pandemic could happen at any time and kill an estimated 5,000,000 to 150,000,000 people.’…”

  2. With people growing resistant to antibiotics due to doctors over prescribing them, the threat of a drug resistant disease is real. Superbugs are no joke, especially as viruses continue to mutate. Bugging in, exercising good hygiene, and keeping a distance might be our only options should the threat become real…

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