I’m James Cole… Writer and owner here at Bioprepper.


Given the fact that more and more people are into food storage techniques like preserving, curing, smoking meat and so on,

I want to write a book on the subject.


As you probably know, an adventure like this comes with high cost… So, before hopping on this endeavour,

I would like to know your opinion on the matter and even ask for a vote!


There are plenty of books out there about this topic, but I was thinking of narrowing down the most important of them all

and add my own personal touch to the mix.


Please consider the following techniques, recipes and info that I believe would make great additions to my book, before giving your vote.

Thank you!



       Potential points in the table of contents:

  • Types of smokers (smokehouses)
  • Smoking meat (15 mouth watering methods on smoking meat)
  • Curing meat (Recipes for ham, pancetta, bacon, bresaola, jerky, capicola, sausages, pemmican, biltong, smoked fish and many others)
  • The lost art of preserving food off-grid for up to 7 years.
  • Storing fruits and vegetables over long time periods
  • Long-Term Preservation Methods and Techniques
  • How to efficiently store eggs for up to 1 year.
  • Over 50 recipes with all the products above …. dried, sun-dried, pickled, salted and dehydrated.
  • Growing, storing, pickling and drying Mushrooms.