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How to Make Disinfectants from Scratch

Sometimes you run out of disinfectant when you most need it. This is when you could make use of the products available in the pantry. Some natural ingredients [...]

How to Make Pine Pitch

I try to collect pine resin deposits that happen naturally, usually caused by a fracture in a limb by a storm, lightning, or animals scratching on the bark. I [...]

4 Popular Knots You Need to Know

There are several very popular knots that every outdoor lover, mountaineer or sailor should be aware of. The purpose of this article is to show you the four [...]

Meat Preservation:The Lost Ways Of Curing And Smoking

Before refrigeration people relied on salt and smoke to preserve their meat. Most people lived on family farms and the "smoke house" was as familiar as the [...]


Biltong  is a great survival food that has his origins in Southern Africa and it’s a variety of dried and cured meat. You can use a big variety of meats to [...]

Five unique ways to start a fire you will not believe

Let’s be clear. These are not the preferred ways to get a fire going. If you would have used your noggin’, you would have a BIC lighter or strike anywhere [...]

How To Turn Your Q-Hut Into an EMP-shielded Home

Can a Quonset Hut be turned into an EMP-shielded home? With this reader question, the devil is in the details. If you are ready to face them, grab a napkin, [...]

How to use a Watch as a Compass

A surprisingly simple and easy way to use a watch as a compass only requires having enough sunlight to cast a shadow from a twig. [...]

40 Unique Places to Stash Firearms

Written by The ITS Crew Today’s article comes to you from the ITS Forums via Doc of RSKTKR Consulting. We thought this was such a great topic that we [...]

How to Start a Fire with an Aluminum Can & a Chocolate Bar

If you find youreself out in the cold wilderness without matches or a lighter, you can still start a fire, or you can impress your friends with this little [...]

How to Purify 12 Gallons Of Water A Day WITHOUT Filters or Electricity

If you are like me, and you worry about the life span of your water filters in a collapse situation, and how you’ll keep purifying drinking water after your [...]

8 DIY Survival Projects Out Of Plastic Bottles

As preppers we know that plastic bottles have a ton of uses beyond just holding soda. In today’s article we’ll take a look at 8 DIY survival projects that [...]