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25 Uses For A Bandana

The following is a list of uses for a bandana from my own personal uses, experiences and suggestions. I am absolutely convinced of the value that a bandana [...]

4 Ways How To Tell If A Dented Can Is Safe

Some dented cans of food are unsafe and should be discarded, but you may be surprised to discover that most are perfectly safe. Here’s how to tell if a [...]

How To Turn A Broken Car Into A Survival Super Market

You should be riding around with survival gear in your vehicle. Period. But just in case you get caught empty handed, it doesn’t hurt to know about the [...]

Food Storage: Where to Start

Food storage is one of the first things that people begin to consider when starting their preparedness plans. And this is obviously a smart thing to do, [...]

How to Make a Survival Water Filter

Is it safe to drink this water? I ask myself that question often and most of the time the answer is no. There often is the risk that bacteria, chemicals and [...]

Survival Foods: Plants – cattail, conifers, grasses and acorns

Ever wondered what kinds of survival foods you could eat if you were caught in a survival situation? When I first came to Washington state all I could see was [...]

Tick Bites – Symptoms and Treatments

Ticks need blood meals in completing their complex life cycle and humans are often the victim of tick bites.  There are about 800 species of ticks found [...]

Poisonous Spiders – How to Identify Them

Poisonous Spiders: The Black Widow <img alt="black-widow-small" [...]

How to Build a Coracle

Once humans developed a need to travel on water in order to fish, trade and explore, cultures worldwide created lightweight boats consisting of the skin of an [...]

Make Your Own Pantry-Fridge Basics

Has it ever occurred to you that instead of habitually buying pantry/fridge ‘basic’ items at the grocery store – things like ketchup, mayonnaise, [...]

Cooking After The Collapse

How will I cook without electricity or gas if it ever comes to that? Here’s one way… Solar Oven Cooking Solar energy can be very easily harnessed [...]

Rookie Preppers: 8 Mistakes To Avoid

As some of you know, I’ve been prepping for a little over 3 years now.  Believe me when I say that I have probably made every prepping mistake in the [...]

Homemade Probiotic Salsa Verde Recipe

I love a good salsa verde sauce, especially over enchiladas. In my quest to eliminate commercial bought products and make my own healthier foods, I decided to [...]

Home Grind – The Art Of Making Your Own Flour

Another quite small and frugal tool that can provide health benefits far beyond the modest monetary savings that can be had, is the grain mill. This [...]

Turn your empty beer bottles into reusable glassware using string and lighter fluid

Obviously, your beer bottle glass will have previously contained better beer than this.Business Insider may think that canned beer is better than [...]

Supersizing Food Storage with BUCKETS

I was asked to give a class one time on storing food in buckets and I definitely could relate to Brian Regan with his cup of dirt , but instead I was more [...]

This Week’s Harvest: Peaches

Nothing says summer like taking nibble from a peach, still warm from the sun, that is so juicy it runs down your chin when you bite into it.  If you aren’t [...]

The Art of Dehydrating Foods

It takes some work, depending on the amount of food you are looking to preserve by dehydrating, but the pay-off is definitely worth it. A couple of years [...]

What the study forgot to mention: Organic food can save the world from devastating climate change

In the wake of the release of the infamous "Stanford study," which claims there  is no substantial difference between organic food and conventional food, [...]

DIY: Solar Powered Food Dehydrator

Harnessing the sun’s energy is not as difficult as one may think.  Solar power is a huge untapped energy source that can be used to dry foods, heat water, [...]