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Lost Arts: Bringing a Chicken from Pasture to Plate

  There are many skills that have been lost over time.  Things your great grandparents did in their daily lives that are now left to machines in some [...]

How To Make A Wood Gas Stove For Your Bug Out Bag

The wood gas stove is a highly efficient, compact, and portable wood burning stove that uses natural materials for its fuel source, eliminating the need to [...]

4 Popular Knots You Need to Know

There are several very popular knots that every outdoor lover, mountaineer or sailor should be aware of. The purpose of this article is to show you the four [...]

How to Make a Shotgun Grenade

In this article we’ll be learning how to make shotgun grenades using unconventional methodology. If you have no experience in munitions and explosives we [...]

Six Ways You Can Keep Yourself Alive With Animal Bones

Whether you find yourself stranded in a hostile environment, or you’re facing a long term collapse of the grid, you’ve got to learn how to put everything [...]

How To Make A Solar Water Distiller

A few years ago a storm flooded the local water treatment facility leaving me and all my neighbors without water for several weeks. Partially motivated by this [...]

12 ways to keep cool if the grid goes down

In a crisis situation there’s a good chance the grid is going to be down. The refrigerator and air conditioning will not be working and excessive heat can be [...]

How To Make A Shake Flashlight — Very Cheap And Usefull(DIY VIDEO)

Here’s how to make a forever flashlight. I used mostly old parts I found laying around in broken electronics. It’s also pretty good to exercise ur right [...]

How to Make High-Voltage Free Electricity by Pouring Water from a Can

Presumably, this experiment involves the phenomenon of electrostatic discharge. Static electricity accumulates from the friction of the air with water on [...]

How To Make A Dakota Smokeless Fire Pit

Today we’ll be covering how to create a Dakota Smokeless Fire Pit. These smokeless fire pits are great for hiding your fire from enemies. They tend to keep a [...]

How To Make a Penny Battery

There isn’t much you can do with three cents nowadays, you can’t even buy “penny” candy. It is said that it costs the government almost two cents to [...]

How to Create Your Own Animal Trap: the Mohave Treadle Snare

You’re in the middle of nowhere. Whether by choice or by accident, you need to be able to fend for yourself. Even if you brought your own modern traps [...]