Raising Guinea Fowl: All You Need to Know to Do It Right

  Have you ever considered raising your own guinea fowl? Maybe you think their ‘chi-chi-chi’ is so annoying you don’t think you could take [...]

Self Sufficient Greenhouse Gardening-Biodome [Part 2]

A geodesic dome looks much like a ball cut in half. Due to its shape, the dome is durable and reliable. They are built to use maximum space while using the [...]

Self Sufficient Greenhouse Gardening [Part 1]

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Prepare For Longterm Instability And Hardship

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Hunkering Down: Convert Your Home into a Long-Term Survival Base

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Growing Potatoes in Straw: A Labor-Saving/Better Harvest Technique

As a preparedness-minded person (& chief cook / bottle-washer), I often evaluate foods based on their shelf-life, ability to fill the eater up, [...]

Generate electricity from waste

Electricity from waste? This may sound impossible to get but is not. Even if the title sounds impossible, wastes are used to generate, electricity, heat and [...]

Self-Sufficiency Skills for Survival

Being self-sufficient or being able to provide for your own without the help of others is important during a crisis. Growing your own food, raising your own [...]

7 Vital Foods to Stock Up On

Famines aren’t something that most people think about in the United States, but they have happened throughout global history and within the US. Severe [...]

How to Preserve Meat for Survival

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Has Electricity Zapped Our Self-Sufficiency?

With so many folks preparing to survive economic depression as our parents and grandparents did in the 1930s, I wonder about our “progress” since that [...]