Monsanto leading super-secret ‘above Congress’ Obama trade scheme to outlaw GMO labeling worldwide

Monsanto-04-150x150 It’s called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), and it’s a super  secret trade pact being negotiated completely outside of law, with no  congressional authority but with the aim of forcing nations around the world to  ban GMO labeling, embrace Monsanto’s GMO crops and keep pharmaceutical prices  artificially high to enrich the world’s medication monopolists.
A purely  executive creation of the Office of the United States Trade Representative —  i.e. created outside of law with zero public accountability — the TPP involves  White House loyalists running around the world, strong-arming over a dozen  nations into signing on to a corporate domination agreement knowingly misnamed  “free trade.”
Details of the TPP are so secret that even members of  Congress are not allowed to review them or disclose them. What we know about the  TPP has only come from leaks, as the full text of the entire agreement is being  kept not only from Congress but also the American people. Yet over 600 corporate  CEOs — including CEOs of companies that have been repeatedly found guilty of  felony crimes in America — have been allowed to influence the details of the  TPP agreements. Monsanto, Wal-Mart and Big Pharma corporations are reportedly  given top influence positions in this super-secret Obama organization that hands  the future of the world over to the most evil corporations of all time.

GMO labeling to be illegal, generic drugs to be all but shut down

The  countries currently involved in the TPP include the United States, Australia,  Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and  Vietnam. More are being bullied into signing the agreement with each passing  month. Although the exact language of the TPP is a tightly-protected secret, it is reported that the TPP will  require:
• Dropping of all bans on GMOs. All countries signing the TPP  must allow GMOs to be grown in their country and secretly used throughout  the food supply — all GMO labeling will be  outlawed.
• Shutting down all generic drug manufacturers who make  “copycat” drugs that compete with the monopoly patents of top U.S. drug  makers.
• Redefining resistance against GMOs as “anti-free trade  practices” that can result in economic sanctions against nations that attempt to  ban GMOs.
• The outlawing of “Fair Use” of copyrighted material. Anyone  using an image, a short video clip, an audio clip, etc., would be criminalize  and possibly arrested and imprisoned under the TPP.
• Flooding the U.S.  market with polluted, unsafe food products from nations that have virtually no  enforcement of regulations on pesticides and herbicides. As  reports, “[Corporations] are carefully crafting the TPP to ensure that  citizens of the involved countries have no control over food safety, what they  will be eating, where it is grown, the conditions under which food is grown and  the use of herbicides and pesticides.”
• Banning people from using the  internet if they engage in Fair Use of copyrighted material. This would shut  down virtually the entire alternative media, many blogs, and silence most  critics of the global corporate cabal.
• Forcing member nations to  criminalize small-scale copyright infringement such as someone sharing a music  file with a friend. Domineering copyright enforcement provisions are being  influenced by the MPAA which has also been given extraordinary influence over  the language of the TPP.
• Vastly reducing banking regulations, allowing  criminal banksters to steal even more money globally while facing no  repercussions for their actions. “The agreement would also be a boon for Wall  Street and its campaign to water down regulations put in place after the 2008  financial crisis,” writes Wallach in the NY  Times. “Among other things, it would practically forbid bans on risky  financial products, including the toxic derivatives that helped cause the crisis  in the first place.”
Essentially, take every criminal corporation you can  imagine, make a list of all their most evil priorities to dominate and enslave  humankind, and write them all down. That’s the TPP. It is the executive  enforcement of a totalitarian wish list of corporate evil to dominate and  enslave humankind. (No wonder Obama doesn’t want you to be able to read  it…)
Maybe this is why the TPP is being referred to as the “Death Star”  of our modern economy.
Learn more about the TPP in this video:

Monsanto, GMOs and how the TPP would forbid GMO labeling globally

The  best information on the GMO side of all this comes from a site called Nation Of  Change. This  page describes the implications of the TPP on GMOs and how the TPP would  globally ban GMO labeling:
The labeling of foods containing GMOs  (Genetically Modified Organisms) will not be allowed.  Japan currently has  labeling laws for GMOs in food.  Under the TPP Japan would no longer be able to  label GMOs.  This situation is the same for New Zealand and Australia.  In the  US we are just beginning to see some progress towards labeling GMOs.  Under the  TPP GMO labels for US food  would not be allowed.
In April 2013, Peru placed a 10-year  moratorium on GMO foods and plants.  This prohibits the import, production and  use of GMOs in foods and GMO plants and is aimed at safeguarding Peru’s  agricultural diversity.  The hope is to prevent cross-pollination with non-GMO  crops and to ban GMO crops like Bt corn.  What will become of Peru’s moratorium  if the TPP is passed?
Read more at:…

Big handout to Big Pharma

Under the terms of the TPP, drug companies  could force member nations to keep drug costs artificially high, thereby  enriching the profits of Big Pharma. The TPP  Timeline reveals that PhRMA, the lobby group representing the top drug  companies and vaccine manufacturers, has special influence over the  TPP.
As written  in the NY Times, “Pharmaceutical companies, which are among those enjoying  access to negotiators as ‘advisers,’ have long lobbied against government  efforts to keep the cost of medicines down. Under the [TPP] agreement, these  companies could challenge such measures by claiming that they undermined their  new rights granted by the deal.”
The intellectual property provisions of  the TPP are also a big handout to Big Pharma. They allow drug companies to shut  down generic drug manufacturers that are currently keeping medication costs low  in many member nations. Under the TPP, drug companies like Merck would be able  to enforce global monopoly pricing, even across poor nations where the costs of  a month’s medications would vastly exceed a typically monthly income.
But  that’s how Big Pharma operates: the goal of the entire industry is to extract as  much human wealth from the planet as possible, regardless of the true cost in  human suffering or global chemical pollution from pharmaceutical  manufacturing.
All this could be forced upon the world without even a  debate in Congress. “Mr. Obama wants the agreement to be given fast-track  treatment on Capitol Hill,” write Wallach and Beachy in the NY Times. “Under  this extraordinary and rarely used procedure, he could sign the agreement before  Congress voted on it. And Congress’s post-facto vote would be under rules  limiting debate, banning all amendments and forcing a quick vote.”
“The  secrecy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership process represents a huge assault on  the principles and practice of democratic governance. That is untenable in the  age of transparency, especially coming from an administration that is otherwise  so quick to trumpet its commitment to open government.”
In another op-ed  published in the Bangkok  Post, Wallach writes “Another leaked portion of the TPP text would take aim  at policies to control medicine costs. Pharmaceutical companies are among the  firms enjoying privileged access to TPP negotiators as official ‘advisers’. They  have long lobbied against government efforts to keep the cost of medicines down.  Their goal is to keep their already unaffordably high profit margins up. One  leaked TPP text reveals terms that would allow pharmaceutical firms to challenge  the measures that the US government uses domestically to negotiate lower  medicine costs for Medicare, Medicaid and veterans’ health  programmes.”
Learn more at:

So secret that even Congress is not allowed to see it

The federal  government of the USA has, of course, become a super-secret corporate mafia that  answers to no one. So when it came time to create the TPP and force U.S.  corporate imperialism upon the nations of the world, Congress was left  completely out of the loop. The TPP was dreamed up entirely by the executive  branch without a single vote ushering it into existence. It answers to no law  and has zero transparency. No representative of the People votes on its  provisions. There is no oversight. There is no recourse for the public to  challenge its language. The TPP exists utterly outside the boundaries of  government and of U.S. law, including the Constitution.
“This is  astounding, given that the US Constitution provides Congress exclusive authority  over trade policy,” writes Wallach in the Bangkok  Post.
This idea of total secrecy with zero oversight from Congress or  the public is to offensive to the fundamental ideas of democracy that 132  members of Congress signed on to this  letter demanding transparency over the language of the TPP. The letter was  utterly ignored by the Obama administration, once again proving it is willing to  sell out the American people for corporate interests.
“While the  agreement could rewrite broad sections of nontrade policies affecting Americans’  daily lives, the administration also has rejected demands by outside groups that  the nearly complete text be publicly released,” write Lori Wallach and Ben  Beachy in a NY  Times op-ed.
“This covert approach is a major problem because the  agreement is more than just a trade deal. Existing and future American laws must  be altered to conform with these terms, or trade sanctions can be imposed  against American exports,” they add.
In another op-ed published in the Bangkok  Post, Wallach writes, “A big-business-dominated group of more than 600  official US trade ‘advisors’ enjoy privileged access to TPP texts and  negotiators.

Congressman declares TPP as “assault on democratic government”

After  years of attempts by members of Congress to even see the TPP, finally one  congressman was able to review only a few select sections of the agreement. That  congressman’s name is Alan Grayson.
He immediately characterized it as an  “assault on democratic government.” Watch  his video here.
The Obama administration threatened Grayson if he  tried to release any of the information he saw by calling the TPP “classified”  information. (Yeah, national security and all that.) This is, of course, a  runaway abuse of power by the federal government as well as yet another use of  the police state secrecy tactics that have already made our government utterly  unaccountable to the People. When the government doesn’t want the public to see  something it’s doing, it simply slaps the “classified” label on the project and  proceeds to engage in wild, runaway criminality with absolutely no  repercussions.
“What I saw was nothing that could possibly justify the  secrecy that surrounds it,” Grayson said. “It is ironic in a way that the  government thinks it’s alright to have a record of every single call that an  American makes, but not alright for an American citizen to know what sovereign  powers the government is negotiating away.”
“Having seen what I’ve seen,  I would characterize this as a gross abrogation of American sovereignty,”  Grayson told HuffPost.  “And I would further characterize it as a punch in the face to the middle class  of America. I think that’s fair to say from what I’ve seen so far. But I’m not  allowed to tell you why!”

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