This portable solar cooker can make you dinner in 20 minutes

gosun-solar-oven-muffinsOh, did you want to make muffins on your camping trip? TOO BAD. Unless you have this nifty solar oven that can cook up to three pounds of food for you while you’re kicking back on the beach or trail:


The product of another surprisingly cool Kickstarter, the GoSun stove weighs under four pounds, can get up to 550 degrees, and can cook you dinner in 20 minutes. You can bake stuff, boil water for tea or coffee, or fry up that fish you just caught, Huck Finn:



We’re usually pretty skeptical about Kickstarters, but we can’t resist fangirling a bit about this one (which you may have already seen at places like Bonnaroo). It works even in low sunlight (although of course it’ll take longer) — so there’s hope,  Seattleites! Explains GoSun’s Kickstarter page:

Our evacuated tube technology is in essence a giant thermos. This means that when spotty clouds arrive, the tube will remain hot and steadily cook between sun-breaks.

It one-ups a campfire and grill by needing no fuel and being portable. Check it out:

But maybe the coolest thing about the GoSun team is that they’re focused on making cooking easier in developing areas:

At GoSun, we have the goal of reducing the use of wood for cooking fuel, thus decreasing respiratory illnesses and restoring forests while saving money and time for impoverished families.

In coordination with a number of international partners (including Sonlight Power, Friends of Belle Riviere, and Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves), we aim to first educate, then provide a version of the GoSun especially built for the needs of the developing world.


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