Consumer alert: Most common vitamins, including children’s vitamins, found to contain GMOs

Going-non-GMO-in-dietary-supplements-The-supply-community-is-not-there-with-us-yet-say-manufacturers_strict_xxlA investigation reveals that an alarmingly large number of multivitamins and  individual nutrient vitamins are formulated with ingredients derived from  genetically modified corn.
This is the “dirty little secret” of the  vitamin industry, but it’s not one the mainstream media will touch because they  refuse to admit GMOs are a problem to begin with. Those in the know, however,  realize that eating any ingredients derived from GMOs may expose them to the  BT insecticide chemicals found in GM corn.
GMOs are truly “hidden”  in vitamins because the GM-derived ingredients are so heavily processed that all  DNA is destroyed in the process, thereby destroying any footprint of genetic  modification. Genetic ID tests, in other words, require particles of the food to  remain relatively intact so that PCR lab equipment can replicate genetic  sequences. Heavily processed ingredients such as high-fructose corn syrup,  maltodextrin and ascorbic acid have no genetic material remaining, thereby  sweeping their origins under the rug.
This is one reason who so many  vitamins sold today are formulated with GMOs. This includes virtually ALL the  popular multivitamin brands sold at grocery stores and pharmacies, by the  way.

List of ingredients that are usually GMO

The Non-GMO Project Verified  website lists these ingredients as commonly harboring GMOs:
Amino  Acids Aspartame Ascorbic Acid Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C Citric  Acid Sodium Citrate Flavorings (“natural” and “artificial”) High  Fructose Corn Syrup Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Lactic  Acid Maltodextrins Molasses Monosodium Glutamate Sucrose Textured  Vegetable Protein (TVP) Xanthan Gum Vitamins Yeast Products (such as  yeast extract)

From this list, you can hopefully realize that:
• Nearly all “vegetarian” foods are GMO (loaded with yeast extract  and soy).
• Nearly all sodas and soft drinks are GMO (HFCS,  aspartame).
• Nearly all storable “emergency” food sold on the market  today is GMO. (TVP, soy, MSG, yeast extract)
• Nearly all canned soups  are GMO. (MSG, yeast extract)
• Nearly all children’s meals and snacks  are GMO. (HFCS, MSG, soy, corn)
In other words, just about everything the  consuming masses are eating is contaminated with GMOs.
Here’s a closer  look at some of the more common GMO ingredients in vitamins and health  products:

GMO ingredient #1 – Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is a powdery, starch  derivative of corn. It is used everywhere in the nutritional supplements  industry, as a “filler” for fruit powders and drink mixes, as a “sweetener” for  low-sugar health foods, and as a flow agent for vitamin capsules.
Unless  it is certified as non-GMO, all maltodextrin should be assumed to come from GMO  sources. The maltodextrin manufacturing supply chain isn’t even geared up to  provide non-GMO maltodextrin, as the large-scale factories that produce the  material run so much GM corn that there would be significant cross-contamination  even if they tried to pull off a non-GMO run.

The few companies that offer non-GMO starches and sweeteners  are increasingly gaining attention across the industry. I’m aware of one company  called Austrade, Inc. that offers a full line of non-GMO  corn-based starches and sweeteners, including non-GMO  maltodextrin.
According to the company, they were the first producer to  receive “Non-GMO Project Verified” approval for non-GMO  maltodextrin.
Non-GMO maltodextrin is also making its way into health  products such as “Ultima Replenisher,” a healthy replacement for those junk  sports drinks made with GMO corn syrup, salt and low-grade minerals. Ultima  Replenisher is completely GMO-free, relying on a non-GMO maltodextrin from  certified sources.
A small company named also makes non-GMO microwaveable foods that are designed to be free of common  allergens such as casein, soy, wheat, peanuts, dairy, GMOs, etc. (Although I  have to wonder about the whole microwave concept…)

GMO ingredient #2 – Ascorbic acid

In the delusional world of western  thinking on nutrients, ascorbic acid is called “vitamin C.”
It isn’t  vitamin C, of course. Real vitamin C is a broad spectrum of synergistic  compounds, never just an isolated, homogeneous molecule. But don’t tell that to  doctors, scientists or journalists, because they’ve all bought into the  “ascorbic acid is vitamin C” delusion.
So nearly all the common “vitamin  C” pills are nothing more than heavily refined ascorbic acid derived from GM  corn. That’s why those pills don’t work, by the way. So when the mainstream  media declares, “Vitamin C shows no benefit…” in clinical trials, what they  are really saying is that heavily processed ascorbic acid isolated from  genetically modified corn doesn’t improve your health, and that’s no  surprise.
Look on the labels of your cheap, low-grade vitamins and  multivitamins… you’ll see “ascorbic acid” listed there, meaning you are  eating GMOs. Throw those away. They’re crap.

If you want real vitamin C, your best bet is to eat camu  camu, which is the planet’s highest source of natural, full-spectrum,  food-based vitamin C. (The full synergy of nutrients, not just isolated  chemicals.) Click  here to see high-grade, certified organic camu camu powder at the Natural News  Store.
(By the way, as a side note, the FDA came to our warehouse and  took a large number of samples of our camu camu to run lab tests in their  Arkansas lab headquarters. They were obviously looking for heavy metals and  pesticide residues. The lab tests, as we knew they would, came back 100% clear.  That’s because we’re one of the few companies to actually test all the raw  materials we import. So now we have official confirmation that even the FDA  agrees that our products are clean. In truth, our own stringent lab test  requirements are MORE STRICT than the FDA!)
There are also some vitamin  companies making non-GMO vitamin C formulations. Expect them to be expensive  because all non-GMO vitamin C must be sourced outside the United States. There  is currently no U.S.-based producer of non-GMO vitamin C. (It simply doesn’t  exist.)

GMO ingredient #3 – Sucrose (heavily used in children’s vitamins)

Take a  look at almost any children’s vitamins and you’ll find they’re made with several  GMO ingredients: aspartame, sucrose and often citric acid, too.
In fact,  children’s vitamins are by far the most toxic because they’re usually  formulated with a much higher concentration of toxic ingredients such as  artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and GMO-derived materials.

Children should be eating superfoods or food concentrates,  not toxic vitamin pills. Remember, too, that the low-grade vitamin pills are  manufactured by companies largely owned by the pharmaceutical industry. They  have every incentive to make sure their vitamins actually cause health problems  rather than prevent disease. This boosts their long-term profits as sick  children become Big Pharma customers for life.

MegaFood receives the first non-GMO certification in the industry

When  it comes to high quality food-based nutrients in a pill format, nobody beats  MegaFood, the supplier Natural News has chosen as its supplement  partner.
MegaFood’s manufacturing facility is the first and only facility  in the United States to be certified non-GMO. Certification of all the company’s  products is under way, but I have personally been informed that the entire  product line has been 100% non-GMO since 2007. (Actual certification  takes time and will be announced when the process is complete.)
Consumers  looking for truly non-GMO sources of health-supporting minerals can check out MegaFood’s  Balanced Minerals formulation.
Those seeking thyroid support should  take a look at MegaFood’s Thyroid  Strength formulation.
And for non-GMO multivitamins made from real  food rather than isolated chemicals, MegaFood offers a  full line of daily multivitamins for men and women.

Join the call for GMO labeling on vitamins and supplements

As companies  like MegaFood blaze forward in achieving non-GMO certification, they are going  to force everyone else in the industry to follow suit (or lose customers).  That’s because consumers don’t want hidden GMOs in their health  supplements, obviously.
People take vitamins based on the belief that  vitamins won’t poison them. Unfortunately, this is a false assumption given the  dirty tricks played by the pharmaceutical industry in churning out harmful,  synthetic vitamins loaded with toxic substances such as GMOs.
That’s why  I support the mandatory GMO labeling of vitamins and dietary supplements.  It’s also why my own brand of superfoods and dietary supplements — Health  Ranger Select — is 100% non-GMO.
See, it’s not just about labeling  GMOs in foods. GMOs need to be labeled (or ultimately, banned) in everything we  eat, and that includes vitamins and dietary supplements.
Most  health-conscious consumers already know to avoid GMOs in foods, but they fail to  avoid them when selecting vitamins and supplements. So they’re taking in  quantities of GMO-derived materials in their health supplements, and that  defeats the whole purpose of being “health conscious” in the first  place.
Until GMOs are labeled (or banned) on vitamins and supplements,  you have to be vigilant in avoiding GMO-derived ingredients such as  maltodextrin, sucrose, ascorbic acid, citric acid and others.
Unless the  product is certified non-GMO or comes from a company that is diligently working  on the certification process, there is a better than 99% chance that they  contain GMOs.
And what happens when you eat GMOs? Just ask these lab  rats, which were fed a combination of GM corn and glyphosate, the weed killer  chemical often used on genetically modified crops:

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