Treating Radiation Exposure with Classical Homeopathy

timthumbNow that Fukushima has been spreading its noxious radiation across much of the Pacific, increasing radiation exposure, among others, in the western coastal areas of the American continent, an alternative method of treating such exposure with classical homeopathy can be useful.

Another source of radiation exposure is radiation therapy for cancer. You can take the classical homeopathic remedies irrespective of any other medicines you may be taking, as there will be no interference or cross-effects. This is because classical homeopathic remedies contain no chemicals, no drugs—only information in pills made of lactose, i.e., milk sugar.

Some further sources of radiation exposure are X-rays for dental treatment, mammograms, CT scans and fluoroscopy (the use of X-rays to obtain moving images of your body).

As usual in classical homeopathy, how you deal with radiation exposure will depend on the symptoms you have, i.e., the symptom picture. Your vital force (energy level, will to live) and the amount of your radiation exposure will determine the outcome of the treatment.

If possible, locate a classical homeopath to treat your radiation exposure. Otherwise, you would do well to take a classical homeopathic remedy as indicated below.

What Are Classical Homeopathic Remedies?

Classical homeopathic remedies are tested on healthy people in what is called a proving, where the participants each day take the classical homeopathically prepared remedy being proven for some weeks, and the symptoms these remedies produce are recorded by a proving supervisor.

These symptoms include mental, emotional and physical ones—all together forming a remedy picture. Thousands of remedies have been proven in the course of the more than 200 year existence of classical homeopathy, and collected in books called Materia Medicas.

The Law of Similars on which classical homeopathy is based states that a sick person should take the remedy which has produced the remedy picture that is most similar his or her symptom picture. Doing so will lead to a cure. By the way, this rule also applies to animals.

Below follow some brief symptom pictures of a number of classical homeopathic remedies that can be helpful in radiation exposure. The mental and physical states you might experience are given. For ordering purposes, the full classical homeopathic remedy name is written, along with its abbreviation.

You may have one or more of the symptoms indicated for a classical homeopathic remedy, or maybe just one. Select the remedy that seems most similar to your state.

Websites of some homeopathic pharmacies from which you can get these remedies are listed in the links below.

Classical Homeopathic Radiation Exposure Remedies

Classical homeopathic remedy: Arsenicum Album (ars) Mental state: You feel very anxious and fearful of death, worried about your family members.

Physical state: You suffer from vomiting, nausea and headaches, fatigue, fever, possibly a short period of skin redness. There is a loss of appetite and abdominal pain. You feel much worse at night.

Classical homeopathic remedy: Cadmium Sulphuricum (cadm-s) Mental state: You have a horror of being alone and of work. You experience apprehension at the approach of someone; have anxiety before evacuating the bowels. You are very irritable.

Physical state: You experience violent nausea—even nausea from anything touching your lips. You experience intense retching; black vomit. You vomit mucus, green slime, blood. You feel really physically weak and exhausted. You want small drinks of water, which are vomited right away. There are burning and cutting stomach pains.

Note: Whether you manifest the above states or not, it can be useful to take a dose of 200C just before and after any X-ray procedure to alleviate its harmful effects (or you can take the remedy called X-ray given below).

Classical homeopathic remedy: Cadmium Iodatum (cadm-i) Maybe you did not protect your thyroid with crude doses of Potassium Iodide. Cadmium Iodatum is a great gland remedy for cervical glands, tonsils, thyroid, mammary glands, lymphatic system, testicles and ovaries.

Mental state: You hate everything and everybody. You have lots of self-pity.

Physical state: Your abdomen is bloated. Your anus and rectum itch, but only during the day. You suffer from constipation. You have a frequent desire to evacuate the bowels.

Classical homeopathic remedy: Calendula cream (calen) This is an important remedy for skin conditions, such as rashes and ulcers. Apply it daily until you see improvement.

Classical homeopathic remedy: Ceanothus (cean) Ceanothus is an excellent spleen remedy and as radiation exposure can affect the spleen, it is included here. Mental state: You are low-spirited, do not care about anything.

Physical state: You feel chilly with no appetite. Your spleen is enlarged.

Classical homeopathic remedy: Radium Bromatum (rad-br) Mental state: You want to be with people. You are afraid of being alone in the dark. You feel tired and irritable.

Physical state: You have red skin with itching, burning as if on fire, and swelling. You suffer from skin ulcers.

Classical homeopathic remedy: Sol (sol) This classical homeopathic remedy is made from the rays of the Sun by means of a special procedure. Mental state: You have anxiety and anxiousness in all nerves, passing from heart to stomach. You are frightened at the approach of someone.

Physical state: You have an inclination to vomit. You suffer from headache. You have dermatitis.

Classical homeopathic remedy: Uranium Nitricum (uran-n) Mental state: Your are in a bad mood all day.

Physical state: You do not feel well all day. You are abnormally thin due to a gradual wasting away of flesh. There is an accumulation of fluid in your body, edema.

Classical homeopathic remedy: X-ray (x-ray) This classical homeopathic remedy is made from X-rays by means of a special procedure. Mental state: You are sad and don’t like company. You have a desire to kill; in women, especially before and during the menstrual period.

Physical state: You have radiation dermatitis. You suffer from chronic, itching skin eruptions, painful cracks. Warty growths appear on your body. Your nails are getting thicker.

Note: Whether you manifest the above states or not, it can be useful to take a dose of 200C just before and after any X-ray procedure to alleviate its harmful effects (or you can take the remedy called Cadmium Sulphuricum given above).

How to Treat Yourself for Radiation Exposure

Classical homeopathic remedies are made in different strengths, called potencies. When you order a remedy it is quite important to also indicate the potency, which here will be 200C. (The potencies 30C and 1M can also be useful, but stick to 200C for starters.)

Basically, when symptoms of radiation exposure are noted take one pill with a potency of 200C one time. If there is no change within an hour or so, the remedy is probably incorrect (no problem) and another should be tried. If you noted an increase in your well-being and/or energy, that is an excellent indicator—stick with this remedy.

If you note a change for better or worse, wait until the change has passed. If you feel better, don’t take any more until you get worse again. If there is no change, try another remedy.

Basically, homeopathic remedies work like opening a lock with a key. If the key fits, the lock will open, otherwise not. Then you have to try another key until you find the right one.

How to Ingest Classical Homeopathic Remedies

There should be no taste in your mouth on taking a classical homeopathic remedy. Thus, you should not eat or drink anything (besides water) at least fifteen minutes before or after taking it.

This also applies to smoking and brushing your teeth. Nor should there be any strong odor, such as from perfume, incense, etc. present in the room. You can take a classical homeopathic remedy any time of the day or night, keeping these points in mind.

Avoid touching a pill with your fingers as your energy field can neutralize the information carried. Use the remedy container cap instead, or some other means, to throw a pill onto your tongue. Allow the remedy to dissolve on your tongue as if it were a piece of candy (actually it is in a way, since it consists of milk sugar, i.e., lactose, plus a tiny trace of alcohol). Liquids remedies are dripped onto the tongue.

Wait at least ten minutes before eating or drinking anything besides water. Afterwards you can eat and drink as you normally do.

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