25 Uses For A Bandana

25-uses-for-a-bandanaThe following is a list of uses for a bandana from my own personal uses, experiences and suggestions. I am absolutely convinced of the value that a bandana brings as a practical addition to one’s daily wear and/or personal survival kit.

Particularly during the non-winter months, I am nearly always wearing a bandana on my head for its absorbent properties to keep my eyes and glasses clear while I work.

Here’s more…

The best bandana is made of 100% cotton for its absorptive properties and other reasons.


Keep the sweat off your forehead.

Keep your head shaded/covered/cooler from the sun.

Protect your neck from sunburn (or the top of your head if you’re bald or short hair cut).

Tie it as a nose and mouth filter during dusty/dirty environments.

Camouflage your face.

Clean your glasses with it.

Wipe your face and neck from dirt/sweat.

Tie things together.

Use as a 1st stage water filter strainer for sediments.

Strain anything… pasta, etc.

To hold and collect small objects/things.

Use as a marker/flag.


Weaponized bandana… fill with rocks, tie into bundle, throw/sling/wield/etc.

Temporary wound dressing (better than nothing).

Kindling/fire-starter material, or ash cloth.

Use it for a potentially better grip on something.

Grip a hot pan handle with it.

A cleaning rag for dishes or whatever.



A tourniquet (with a stick).

Coffee filter.

A bib.

A small pillow if you fill it with leaves or such.

I could continue with more uses, and I hope you consider adding bandannas to your preps, but I’m curious to know what are some of your ideas for uses of a bandana?



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