The Best Prep For Survival Preparedness

the-number-one-prepThe question, “What is the best prep item to have for survival preparedness?” may seem bold, but here’s my answer and opinion…

No, it’s not bucket loads of rice and beans, it is YOU, your body, your noggin. A healthy body and clear-thinking knowledgeable brain.

I would not discard this answer as obvious, or a no-brainer… It is more important than you may think, so think about it.

While survival does hinge on basics like water, food, shelter, and security, these things will mean little, or provide only temporary survival, without a healthy body and able brain.

For the best odds of survival, you must have the knowledge, know-how, and ability to adapt and survive, given any number of circumstances or resources.


I don’t care what you have.

What do you know?

What can you do?

Preppers to a large extent are focused on “stacking”. Procuring preps and stashing them as insurance against emergency, disaster or collapse. To survive longer after TSHTF.

This is all well and good. But…

What if someone takes some or all of your stuff? What if your place burns down and your primary storage is ruined? What if your secondary cache is ransacked or spoiled? What if your stuff runs out? What if you forgot to get some stuff that you discovered that you need? What if you never were able to get all the supplies that you need? What if something changes in your perceived outlook of what will happen after TSHTF? What if you are caught off-guard somewhere, far from your stuff?

You see, the number one prep item is not any of your stuff, it is your ability to PROCURE THE STUFF.

Do you have what it takes to survive if you must utilize the resources that are around you?

This requires two things…

1. The knowledge of knowing what to do with what you have. The ability to adapt.


2. The physical ability to do it. 

How do you get there?

With your brain and your body.

You research and learn. You practice. You get in physical shape.

You can research and learn nearly anything online. You can also buy books on subjects that matter (very important to have hard copies for reference).

Then you must practice. You can do this yourself and you can even take classes or courses on subjects that matter.

You must look at yourself and be honest with yourself… are you in physical shape? This comes fairly easy for young people, but the middle aged and older are challenged… Start eating better. Most people are overweight. Do what you must to be better fit. Exercise. Walk. Skip the junk food. Focus on health.

In summary, it’s all about YOU. Not the stuff. Learn. Practice. Be healthy. Be ready.




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  1. Get yourself off of any addictive substances that you can live without. It will be easier to wean yourself off gradually than to have to suddenly go cold turkey . Try to find alternative sources for things that you do need.

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