4 Reasons Why People Disregard Prepping

4-reasons-why-people-do-not-prepWhy is it that most people have a disregard for prepping, becoming prepared, or being preppers themselves?

Why do so many people not feel (or express) a need to prepare?

Why do so many people not accept the message from preppers who are hinting (advising – warning) that prepping is a very important insurance policy, especially given today’s risks and circumstances?

Here are four reasons why…

1. Authority-driven opinions and direction. Most people cannot accept information if not given to them by an authority figure. The talking head on CNN, USAtoday, or someone with a government title. Since the media is owned by large corporate interests (that are driven by continued status quo and profits), the message they give is that all is well, get out there and buy something. Any evidence to the contrary is not reported on, shelved, and forgotten.

2. Comfort-driven message. If a message delivers some level of comfort people gravitate toward it. Informing people that their lives are in the hands of scheming central bankers and high powers with no moral compass is distressing. Not the kind of message people want to hear while at the dinner table. Who is doing best on American Idol this week is far more interesting and important.

3. Acceptance from others. A big one. We are driven by the desire to be accepted by others. How others accept or respond to us is how we judge our worth or even our sanity.

Talking about the coming collapse doesn’t appeal to the vast majority of people. It drives them away because of ’2.’ There is never any financial benefit or a pat on the back for being the person that shares real truth. Only if you follow the herd will you never get an ‘atta boy’. Just ask anyone who has discovered an uncomfortable truth and then felt the desire to go share that truth with others.

Accept that reality right now. If you want to be looked up to, admired, compensated, or respected – those things do NOT come with exposing the truth based on the evidence at hand. It never will.

This I guarantee you – when the collapse happens no one will come to you and say ‘wow, you were right.’ What they will say is that some unforeseen event happened unexpectedly and it was a freak thing, coincidence, etc.

4. The biggest – Normalcy Bias. When something has never happened before in someone’s lifetime or from their personal experience they simple don’t see it as a possibility. If you could go back in time to 1928 and ask the person on the street if a collapse was coming you would have been laughed at; same with 1988-89 in the Soviet Union; etc, etc. Unfortunately, the collapse we are headed into will dwarf those events. There is no need to cower in fear or be depressed about it. Better to prepare the best you can, KNOW that you have made your best effort, and then get on with enjoying your life.


Source: modernsurvivalblog.com

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