How to Use a Compass & Map

Today’s featured video is from BlackOwlOutdoors and it covers the important subject of how to use a compass and a map. Most preppers are familiar with this concept, but have you ever really tried to navigate to a point using only a compass and a topographic map? If your grand plan for some catastrophic disaster is to Bug Out into the woods, you had better have maps of your area for starters, but these won’t do you much good without a compass and more importantly, the know how to use them together to find out where you are and get you to your destination.In this video, Krik of Black Owl Outdoors uses a Silva Ranger 515 CL compass, explains the basic pieces of a compass, shows you how to orient the map to your location, determine the direction of travel you want to go and then navigate through the terrain to your destination. This is a great video that will introduce the concepts of orienteering to you.


By BlackOwlOutdoors



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