5 Items to Include in Your Prepper Car Kit.

You’ve done the research, made a plan and stocked up on non-perishables, and now your home is a prepper’s paradise. But what if an emergency happens while you’re on the road? Many preppers have created bug-out bags (aka BOBs) to keep in their vehicle for this scenario. Beyond the fairly obvious items like food and water, the following five items are Car BOB must-haves:


First-Aid Kit

Create your own first aid kit, as opposed to buying one at the local drug store. This way, you can customize it to include the things you know you would would want and use. In addition to items like Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment and hand sanitizer, the kit should contain medicine that family members take on a regular basis. Since most BOBs are created with a three-day rule (keep enough of everything on hand to survive three days) in mind, be sure to include enough prescription medication to last at least 72 hours. Freshen up your first-aid kit every six months or so; rotate the medications with fresh doses, and be sure the expiration dates on the other items have not passed.

Set of Auto Tools

Keep a vehicle tool set in your trunk. Make sure it includes a screwdriver, crescent wrench, ratchet set and spark plugs that fit the car. Keep quality tires on your vehicle and follow these tire maintenance tips, so you can meet just about any situation—but always have a tire iron, jack and full-size spare on hand as well, just in case.

Todd’s Note – Sometimes it’s a pain to get to your spare, but you want to make sure that it is good and filled with air!  I would also add a 12volt air compressor…or at least that’s what I’ve done.

Some Sort of Shelter

To make it for 72 hours or so, you are going to need to stay warm and dry. Your Car BOB should contain a tent, and you should practice setting it up ahead of time. Add a sleeping bag that can handle the elements, as well as a tarp or a sleeping pad to set the tent on.

Todd’s Note – Many times, it might be better to stay with your vehicle.  In cold months, you can keep a cheap heater in your vehicle.  Just make sure to vent it!

Duct Tape

Include a big roll of sturdy duct tape. From fixing torn tents to taping up broken windows and more, duct tape will come in handy in a plethora of ways.

A Reliable Light Source

Every BOB should have at least two light sources and backup batteries. For most preppers, this means keeping two new and reliable flashlights in their car, as well as packs of replacement batteries. Like the medication in the first-aid kit, be sure to check the batteries regularly and replace them with fresh ones with far-off expiration dates. Also, make sure your flashlights actually work; you don’t want to find out the bulbs have burned out when you’re in the middle of an emergency. If you have room for more flashlights, add them in; it’s almost impossible to have too many reliable sources of light.


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