Five Life-Saving Skills Your Kids Should Know

We all love our children and would give our own lives to protect them. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always allow us to be there with our children, and it is very important that all children are provided with the skills they need in order to protect themselves when their parents aren’t around. There are several skills your child should know that could potentially enable them to save their own life or the life of those around them.

Three Little Numbers

    • Children as young as two have been taught to dial 911 in an emergency. Just being able to dial the number and tell the operator that their mommy won’t wake up or they are lost somewhere will cause the 911 operator to activate a trace and get help on the way to you and your child. Older children should have their address and phone number written down next to the phone so they can give the 911 operator more information for quicker assistance.

Five Life-Saving Skills Your Kids Should Know

    • Choking Hazards

      Your children should be taught the universal sign of choking, clutching hands to the throat, so they know what to do in order to let someone know they are choking or can help someone who is choking. This should be a part of classes that teach the Heimlich Maneuver, which will enable them to save themselves or another choking victim. A general first aid class can be combined with this as well.


    • Swimming Lessons

      A large number of children die each year from accidental drowning in backyard swimming pools or trips to the lake. Give your child the gift of private swimming lessons so they will be sure to get individual attention and come away from the lessons fully capable of saving their own lives if they should find themselves in deep water. CPR classes can be incorporated with this as well if you feel your child is ready to learn this lifesaving skill.


    • Firearm Safety

      In a perfect world, your child would never be near a potentially deadly firearm. In your own home, you can make sure the guns stay locked up, but you never know what may be happening when your children are playing at the home of another child. Whether you own guns or not, you need to teach your children about gun safety, and make sure they know to always tell an adult immediately if they find a gun or a friend has access to any firearm.


    • Self-Protection

      Far too many children are abducted every year. Let your children bphome-new-186x300know they are allowed to question an order from an adult that seems strange to them. Give them a password that only you and the child know that must be given by anyone you authorize to pick them up. Empower them by signing them up for seminars dedicated to teaching them how to defend themselves if needed.


Make sure your children are taught these life-saving skills, and you can breathe a little easier when they are out of your sight. Having these skills will also make your child feel safer and be much more confident in themselvesconfident in themselves.



Annette Hazard is a freelance writer that usually writes about home and family issues. She is a mother of one and spends her free time exploring the outdoors with her family.

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