The United States Debt Meltdown, And The Coming Dollar Collapse

The United States government and the Federal Reserve must keep interest rates near zero – because if they don’t, there will be great difficulty in paying the interest on the debt they’ve accumulated, which could bring it all (the economy and our way of life) crashing down.the-coming-dollar-collapse

There’s one problem though. The only way the United States can maintain their zero interest rate policies is for the world to continue accepting the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The thing is – they’re not, and plans are nearly implemented to circumvent the United States dollar for major countries such as Russia and China (and others).

The carrot and the stick approach (by the United States) isn’t working so well anymore. The carrot (the strength of the dollar) is becoming increasingly rotten and the stick (the willingness to use the military) has weakened considerably as Americans have grown war weary.


There’s No More Gold

It is likely that there is little gold left in United States coffers to back up American debt. Technically the dollar is not backed by gold anyway (since Nixon in the ’70s), and the gold for the most part is believed to have left the country. It is believed that much of it has gone east to Asia and beyond while the FED and gold central banks have suppressed the dollar price of gold. Physical gold is being gobbled up on the world market (apparently other nations still value this ‘ancient relic’ as real money [sarcasm]). The United States was recently only able to deliver a tiny fraction of Germany’s gold after they requested (demanded) it back – exemplifying the likelihood that there is barely any gold left on reserve. The FED refuses to audit their (supposed) gold.


Fewer Are Buying United States Debt

Fewer nations are willingly purchasing United States debt (Treasuries). The FED is looking for other ways to sell their debt, one of the latest being the new “myRA” – a covert grab for its citizens’ money, an IRA-style which invests only in United States Treasuries (debt). One wonders how long until this becomes mandatory and retirement accounts are nationalized.


The Debt Is Massive

The current United States National Debt is more than $17.5 Trillion. What that actually means for you and I is that each and every American taxpayer is personally indebted (by your being a United States citizen) for nearly $152,000. And that figure keeps rising. If you also consider the debt obligations for unfunded liabilities (Social Security & Medicare), which is $129 Trillion (there are more ‘takers’ than ‘workers’ as the decay worsens) – the future does not look very bright.


Few People See The Coming Collapse

A relatively few people see the collapse that is coming. The majority of those who do not see it (are refusing to see it) think the rest of us are crazy, and they mock us. Sadly many of them will be hurt badly while those of us who choose to do something about it will fare better (although we will not escape it).


Never Before In History

In all of world history, no nation (none – ever) has accumulated as much debt that the United States has. Not even close. We are the most indebted nation in the entire world. In fact the entire WORLD is in debt beyond comprehension.


Debt Comes Due

As most of us know (logically), we can only spend ‘so much’ beyond our ‘take home’ pay before we get cut off. There is always a day of reckoning. One way or the other we suffer the consequences. It is little different with nation debt.


When We’re ‘Shut Off’

When the rest of the world cuts off our debt (our credit card) – and they are beginning to do just that while finding other mechanisms for trade and currency exchange – the US dollar is done for. All of the trillions of dollars out there in the rest of the world will start rushing back home (as it’s sold off) and the inevitable result is currency inflation. This will start a chain reaction that will not be stopped. It (currency collapse) has happened eventually to EVERY currency in world history, and it WILL happen to the dollar.


Normalcy Bias

We are stuck in our normalcy bias and cannot imagine or comprehend that the dollar could possibly collapse. We live in our fairy tale world and do not have the vision or the sense of history to understand reality. We believe that we are magically isolated from economic collapse. It has never happened to us before, therefore it will never happen to us.


                                                Caught Off Guard

Conquering_resize1When the economic situation deteriorates, most working (slaves) will be entirely caught off guard with little or no preparation – thanks to the massive mainstream coverup and propaganda (in an effort to keep everyone happy and spending).


Warning Signs

The warning signs are everywhere. We have a (mostly) corrupt government in cahoots with big business, big money, and big banks. What that is, is borderline authoritarian fascism. Most of us (thinking people) realize that few politicians actually represent our personal and individual interests over that of big money and big power – it’s an unfortunate human condition if left unchecked. The problem is that it has been essentially unchecked for far too long, and it is essentially seemingly too late. Therefore we must prepare for what lies ahead.


What Lies Ahead?

We are in uncharted territory due to the massive extent of our bad situation. Whether or not the powers-that-be will be able to control our crash landing remains to be seen. I personally believe that at some point they will lose control and all bets are off. That is what I am preparing for – more of a worst case scenario.

There will (at a minimum) be social unrest (there already is). This could easily spiral into social chaos and beyond – especially in regions. If this bubble bursts badly, the results will surely be very bad. There will be millions upon millions of people hurled into desperation as their standard of living is abruptly changed for the worse. It could be shocking. My hope is that the balloon will instead maintain it’s slow leak such that the air is released at a relatively slow rate while people attempt to adjust to their diminished circumstances. This is not to say there will be no unrest – this will only dampen the violence of an abrupt stop.


What To Do?

Your best survivability will stem from a thought process of self-sufficiency, self-protection & preservation, and insulation form dangerous geographical areas (cities and metros) which will ‘catch fire’ in a collapse.

The rest of the details are up to you and your due-diligence.
I hope that you give it some thought.



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