Prepare For What’s Coming: “The Largest Financial Collapse This Planet Has Ever Seen”

Over the course of the last years, since the disastrous launch of health care exchanges mandated under the new Patient Affordable Care Act, we have been made privy to something most Americans didn’t believe was possible: that the government of the United States of America is being represented by thieves, liars and sycophants.


Every promise made by the President and Congressional democrats who supported Obamacare legislation has turned out to be a complete falsehood.

But what’s critical to our future well-being is that we understand that the machinations and conjecture are not restricted solely to the health care debacle. They pervade every aspect of government on the federal, state and local level alike.

We have been lied to on every front, as evidenced by revelations that the Bureau of Labor and Statistics completely fabricated unemployment numbers in an effort to sway the 2012 election results. This is supposed to be an impartial, non-partisan agency whose sole purpose is to calculate numbers, and even that has been hijacked by agenda-driven politicians and special interests.

Whether we’re talking about health care, the economy, personal privacy, or national security, we must assume, unless proven otherwise, that we are being lied to.



Charlie McGrath of Wide Awake News explains the motivations behind this narrative that the majority of Americans simply don’t understand, or worse, avoid at all costs because it would destroy the very foundations of the  fantasy land in which they live.

The lies continue, non-stop. Govern by crisis, offer a lie for a solution, and continue to indebt this country.

Why? Because it isn’t about serving We the People. It is about serving financial special interests, plain and simple.

You’d better realize that and you better prepare for what’s coming, because inevitably, when this Ponzi scheme of stealing from our future in order to pay for fraudulence now comes to an end it is going to lead to the largest financial collapse this planet has ever seen… and most people are going to be absolutely blindsided by it. 

As Charlie notes, no matter how deep one attempts to bury their head in the sand, you’d better prepare for what’s coming because the collapse of our entire way of life is, at this point, inevitable.

Or, you can go on pretending it’s not happening, that government officials care about you, that you’re going to have platinum health care coverage next year, and that tens of millions of people in America are not actually living in a modern day depression.


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11 Replies to “Prepare For What’s Coming: “The Largest Financial Collapse This Planet Has Ever Seen”

  1. Some key phrases are excellent and help cement the idea of the truth who is running this government. Mainly psychopaths and thieves.

    “Largest financial collapse this planet has ever seen”.

    Never heard it put that way. Worldwide, but you are right!

    “…that government officials care about you, that you’re going to have platinum health care coverage next year…”

    I had to laugh at this one. So true. You think they care so much about you to give you the best? They never EVER do that!

    Don’t you see it’s a funny con game they enjoy playing on its citizens for voting that they know the jerks they are in.

    Do you see the sickness now?

  2. THE MILITARY is prepearing to ATTACK america,and KILL everyone,IF your not looking and 90% of america are willfully stupid,THIS will cost them their LIFE,will you die too,or are you ready?HOW many of you believe the criminals in government will be HANGED for TREASON,NONE? you would be right,THE POLICE GANGS are gearing up to protect the TRAITORS in government and them and their DHS friends intend to die protecting their daddy SATAN……remember you were warned,SATAN AND HIS ARMIES “WILL BE COMING”………………

  3. After WWII, Nazism was born here, then turned Capitalism into Communism. This is what they call the Democratic experiment from Carl Marx!

  4. This was foretold, long ago, if you can see the meanings of the symbols…

    The rider of the black horse, holds a scales in his hand… what is the symbol of a money changer?

    ’nuff said?

    The spirituality of prepping, goes way beyond religion or morality, not new age, but a new understanding of old crimes against humanity.

    May the Force be with you.

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