8 Home Security Hacks Every Household Should Learn

Your home is your refuge and safe haven away from this chaotic world. With this said, of course, coming up with effective ways to secure your home is undoubtedly one of your top priorities in life. This priority comes in light of the alarming growing rates of criminal home intrusion activities that have been taking place in every corner of neighborhoods of different backgrounds.

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More than 2.2 million robberies occur every year in the United States alone, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. You’ve got to admit, these figures have got to increase your drive to enhance your home security systems more than ever.

There are several ways to protect your house against intruders that won’t cause you any extensive hassle to implement. Being in the know on how to smartly implement these security hacks will save you from the aches and pains of constantly worrying about your home safety.

Sirens come to the rescue
Siren driveway entry alert alarms scare off burglars when they first attempt to break into your house. The intimidating sight and the loud sound that emanate from the siren alert the burglars that the house owner and the neighbors nearby are in the know of their attempted intrusion. Subsequently, burglars will likely leave your premises upon hearing the siren sounds off, before the police arrive at the scene.
Driveways are one of the burglars’ main targets, because they are the places where burglars enter through your house. It would be best to place a very loud sounding device in your driveways to stop home intrusions before they even happen. Sirens save you the hassle of having to undergo physical fights with burglars. Additionally, having a siren means you won’t have to beat the busy signal when you pick up the phone to call 911.

Energy saving security systems
You can find cellular based home security systems in an alarm system store at affordable prices. This is because you won’t need to spend extra money to purchase a landline or broadband connection to avail of these systems, since they are wireless. You can put a loud sounding alarm in these systems to alert you when they sense the presence of intruders in your home.

bulletproofThe difference between wired and wireless alarm is that the latter is more reliable as it works with or without power and is very easy to install. A wireless alarm frees you from worrying about home intruders when power availability is beyond your control.

Communicate with a two-way intercom
Install your two-way intercom beside your security alarm system. When your alarm system goes off, you can easily dash to the intercom to alert your loved one in the other part of your house of the presence of burglars.

Get the help you need from your garage when intruders come in and, in some cases, attack you. You may just save yourself from having to call the proper authorities once the person in the other part of your house comes to your rescue.

Don’t flaunt your valuables
One of the easiest ways to ensure family safety is by not having anything valuable in your house, or at least not appearing to have anything valuable. Don’t show off valuable items in your neighborhood, such as jewelry and expensive items, to avoid tempting potential burglars you may not know are lurking around.

Burglary cases often occur when you make the efforts yourself to attract burglars. Prevent this incident from happening by appearing modest and down to earth in your neighborhood.

Put up a front
Combat burglary by putting up an alarm system sign. You don’t need to actually own an alarm system in your home, but you can do some pretending to scare off burglars or intruders. Knowing what’s in store for them if they proceed to commit the crime scare off burglars in no time.

Install surveillance cameras in your front porch to watch over your sign. Vandalism is not uncommon, and you would not want your property to become a victim of it. Immediately report to authorities any suspicious activity you would observe from your CCTV.

Another path for intruders
If you have your air conditioner installed by your window, you need to think twice if you think intruders may not break into it. Install sensor garage alarm systems near the back of your air-conditioner to alert you of a possible break-in. The loud sound emanating from these systems can wake you up even when you are in a deep sleep.

Installing a security system in your garage also prevents possible car break-ins in your home. Car napping can happen anywhere, and your home garage is no exception. Be proactive and kill two birds with one stone in enhancing your home security.

Be selective when it comes to doors
One of the unexpectedly dangerous things in your house is when you don’t know your front or back door is not burglar proof. Avoid having doors that have glass near the doorknob. It is very easy for burglars to break the glass and tinker with the lock of your doorknob, to get inside your house. Get the heads up in advance before you put up all the doors within the premises of your house.


Avoid the social media hype
When going away on a vacation, avoid announcing your trip on social media sites, such as Facebook. You only give away information to potential intruders on the best possible times they can take advantage of the situation, and break into your home. If you wish to inform loved ones and friends of your upcoming trip, send them a private message, an email, text message, or better yet, call them up yourself.

A recent study by Rutgers University reveals that the use of residential burglar alarm systems reduces crimes. Ensure your home and family safety by not hesitating to take the initiative in going the extra mile to implement these security hacks in your home. You will find that the consequent lifelong protection these hacks bring makes all the hard work worth it.

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