“People Will Be Wiped Out”: Greg Hunter And Chris Martenson Talk About The Coming Crash (video)

Chris Martenson, co-founder of Peak Prosperity , joins Greg Hunter and warns that 2008 was just a warm-up to what is soon coming, “people are going to get wiped out”. Martenson warns that the economic system is so out of balance:


“…that’s what we are talking about when we talk about a market crash. The claims get destroyed. People get wiped out. The people who don’t get ruined are people safely over in the real wealth already. If you own an unencumbered farm, if you own a productive asset, if you own gold or silver, or if you own your house outright, you are going to be vastly safer than . . . someone who is leveraged and hinged into this other system.”




Source: beforeitsnews.com

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