Why Should You be Prepping

You may have noticed that everyone seems to be talking about prepping, doomsday, or zombies. Well, when people do this, it is a sign that people are starting to get worried. People are losing their jobs, and losing their homes. Cities, states, and countries are taking desperate steps to survive financially. On other news, you hear about bird flu, swine flu, bat flu, West Nile, and other unknown diseases popping up. People are talking about how global warming will destroy the world.



More and more countries are becoming nuclear, and they are constantly threatening each other. The sun keeps belching out solar flares. Large asteroids are whizzing past earth all the time. Need I go on?

There are many different ways that the world can instantly change with little or no notice. People are worried for good reason. Different people take prepping to different levels. Some like the 3 day rule. Three days food and water is fine for many short term events. Some tend to believe in balance between living for normality but preparing for a worst case scenario. Still others plan for every conceivable event. This might be extreme to some, but not if something happens. It is all a sort of a gamble. Nobody knows when or even what will happen, but we do know that something will happen sooner or later. History shows civilization changing events happening all the time. The world is one big ticking time bomb.

On another note, minor crisis happen almost constantly. Read the papers and you will see hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and widespread power failures are all too common. If you are not worried about something big happenning, you should be ready for something smaller. You should be ready for your power to go out for an extended period of time. You should be ready for your house to be blown away. You should be ready for your car to break down 100 miles from civilization with zero cellular reception. This is what prepping is all about. Being prepared before something happens.

If you even slightly agree with these statements, you should start prepping. Prepping is not a bad thing. You probably do it already in some ways. You might be saving for retirement. You might be going to college. You might even be courting your girlfriend. These are all just different ways of preparing for the future. Prepping is just the same thing except you are buying food supplies for an emergency, having some water ready for when you need it, or just having some emergency equipment lying around that can get you out of a bind. What level you want to take it is up to you. I would rather be over-prepared than under-prepared. Being under-prepared is basically the same and being unprepared.

I hope this has given you something to think about. Things will be much simpler if everybody was ready for catastrophe. I wish nothing bad ever happened, but when it does, I hope you are ready. Good luck and happy prepping.

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by Shane White

Source: doomsdaymoose.com

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