Lengthened List of Items in Preparation of an E.M.P. Scenario

Items may be added to this list at later times. Be sure to check back for future add-ons.

Necessities and Consumables


-food supply for a year (including food for any livestock or house animals)

-water supply for three months, one gallon per person per day, for washing and cooking as well as drinking

-gasoline for all vehicles that would still work and for the gas powered electrical generator

-large quantities of iodized salt

-large quantities of chlorine tablets and bleach for purifying water

-batteries for any electronics that may still work

-a year supply of bar soap and shampoo (if you are dirty for too long you can catch/spread disease)

-a tooth brush and as much toothpaste as you can get


-an ax with a strong handle (not wooden)

-a hammer and nails

-hand saw

-lumber for various repairs and home defense needs (trees will also work, sorry tree huggers)

-multiple cheap flashlights

-one good flashlight (such as a Mag-lite or Mag-LED)

-if possible, an old radio that uses vacuum tubes and batteries

-multiple lighters

-gas/dynamo powered electrical generators (do NOT leave these plugged in)


-small handgun (preferred .45 caliber)

-shotgun (12 or 20 gauge)

-bolt action or semi-automatic rifle with a scope (preferred .223 for semi-auto or 30-06 for bolt action)

-as much ammunition for each weapon as you can get

-a knife with a 6-8 inch blade with a belt sheath

-a bow or crossbow with reusable arrows or bolts


-if you can afford it, an All terrain vehicle that seats four people and has room for storage, like a small truck bed in the back

-a pretty good amount of cash, not only for the initial start of an E.M.P. attack, but also in case the currency does survive

-Little Debbie and Hostess sweets, more specifically, the Twinkie (don’t forget, they still have an expiration date, it’s just considerably longer than most food products). Only obtain if you have enough toothpaste.

-energy drinks, there will be some points where the carbohydrates and other forms of energy could save your life. they tend to dehydrate you so only obtain if you have enough water.

Medical Equipment and Medicine

-rubbing alchohol

-sterile gauze pads (4×4)

-medical tape

-gauze wrap

-antiseptic spray and Neosporin

-a large amount of antibiotics

-an even larger amount of ibuprofen and aspirin

-band-aids, small and large

-sterile rubber gloves

-butterfly sutures

-ankle, elbow, and knee braces

-over-the-counter flu medicine

-cough syrup

-any kind of cream or ointment for burns


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