In the Inevitable Apocalypse, Zombies Will Have Their Food Supply. But Will You Have Yours?

What we see in Hollywood is true, right? Well then, it looks as though we will be having ourselves a good old-fashioned zombie apocalypse, invasion, or mass virus that will wipe out the majority of the population one way or another…turning the infected into lobotomized walkers with bad hygiene problems and a serious case of the munchies. Unfortunately, their cravings will be your flesh. Animals are a possibility too, but cute fluffy kittens and baby seals may be the last thing on your mind. Then again, movies always have that one person who puts their life on the line for that cute little puppy…what becomes of that person usually depends on the rating of the movie.


Now that we’ve talked about the zombies’ food supply and their ambitions (ie nothing, except eating you); what will be your survivalist food? As you may have learned in the movie “Zombieland”, Twinkies do have an expiration date. Will you also have your water supply and other supplies to suit your own ambitions in the upcoming apocalypse Hollywood is telling us will occur? If you wish to go down a blaze of glory, sacrificing yourself while the others get away from a pack of ravenous zombies, will you have your flammable propane tank or endless supply of ammunition ready to make your dreams come true? Below are some tips to prepare you for american survival, Hollywood’s version, of the inevitable tomorrow.

  • Learn to how to safely handle a firearm. If you really want to pop off some zombies, you don’t “just point and shoot” as most action heroes tell their damsels in distress when they have their hands full at the moment and expect them to cover. The TV series “The Walking Dead” showed a more realistic approach as the cops among the survivors displayed the seriousness and dangers involved in handling a gun.
  • Learn how to aim. In the film “Shaun of the Dead”, they more accurately showed how someone who has never shot a gun before would be at aiming when he tried to weed down a few zombies: he was a very, horrible shot. Laser sights are a great way of helping your aim. Today many manufacturers sell high quality laser sights that are attachable to about every firearm on the market. Also, you won’t have to worry about blinding zombies if you accidentally point the laser in their eyes.
  • Supply yourself now with ample food storage. Luckily, freeze dried meals and dehydrated meals can be a quick and easy way to prepare you for the apocalypse. Companies today that sell freeze dried meals offer samples to prove their assurance of high quality food. Online is a great venue to purchase food storage in bulk for extra savings. Also, the lack of human flesh in prepared food storage bins will deter zombies from wanting to steal your food supply. Canned foods are another good resource. Nevertheless, a pre-made meal (prepared by professional cooks by some companies) which takes little preparation other than adding water will be easier than trying to find your nearest can-opener amid the wandering zombies.


  • Stay fit. Zombies rarely run fast; it depends on which movie you see. Referring back to Zombieland however, obese guys who played too many zombie-killing video games may not be able to out run a large pack of zombies for long periods of time. Also, even if Twinkies do last past their expiration date, a steady diet of them won’t help you maintain this goal. Revert back to tip # 3 for options on healthier food storage options with pre-made freeze dried meals.

So since it’s fine to assume that Hollywood is never wrong, these steps will help prepare you to stay on top of your zombie-surviving game.


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