Be Prepared – The Dollar Is Quickly Becoming Extinct

Most people are lazy. They don’t want to get any education on the basic fundamentals and principles that are now responsible for driving our once great nation into the ground. They just have blind faith that the people running our government and our financial system know exactly what they are doing and that these people are doing their best to take care of us. They believe everything will be fine in the end.

ecomonic collapse

These days it’s become abundantly clear that our government officials, central bankers and so-called economic “experts” are definitely not looking out for our best interests. They don’t know what they’re doing nor have they any real plan to permanently fix the economic crisis at hand. It’s a sad case of the blind just leading the blind. Sadly most people don’t want to think by themselves. Instead; leaving their liberties, freedoms and fate in the hands of the authorities so that they can tell them what they need to do. Ultimately all this will lead the lambs to slaughter.

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bernanke is not going to save our economy. In-fact he never saw nor was prepared for the last financial crisis. The Federal Reserve System itself has always been fundamentally flawed. This system is the primary reason that America is now over $16 trillion dollars in debt. That’s because the system itself was designed to produce these gargantuan amounts of public debt.

The next wave of the economic crisis is fast approaching and people need to be prepared. The president and his cronies keep putting off any real legislation to reduce debt opting to kick the proverbial can down the road again and again while adding an extra 5.4 trillion dollars to the national debt is just the last for years. Time is quickly running out, lots of people are totally unaware of the devastation that is just around the corner. So what can one do?

Be Prepared – That is the key

Preparation for a major economic crisis either deflationary or hyperinflationary in nature will be different for everyone. Because everyone’s personal situation will be different but the two basic principles below will allow most everyone to survive. Hard assets such as physical gold and physical silver are preferred over any and all paper assets. These hard assets will insure wealth protection with no counter-party risks. During an economic collapse it is most important to separate necessities from luxuries.

Not Being Prepared – 8 Reasons to Look Forward Too

1. Winding Up On the Wrong Side of a Banking Crisis

When the financial crisis finally hits, the world is going to change very quickly. One day things are normal the next, you get news that the bank you have your life savings in has just gone bust. One morning you could find that the Federal Reserve printed trillions of new dollars trying to repair the monetary system. Worse news being now your entire nest egg was devalued 50 percent leaving you only half the money you had saved for retirement.

One morning you could wake up and find a new currency’s been established and your money has now been converted to this new currency worth much less than before. This could sound impossible to you now but this same scenario is worrying millions in the euro-zone now because it could happen tomorrow. Bank runs are now going on in both Greece and Spain with Italy not far behind.

2. All Your Investments Could Be Gone

Good news however is all your accounts are insured by the FDIC (not that it matters any longer). If you’re doing any investing presently, insure that the companies you have your money invested in are not at risk of collapsing too. It’s highly probable that any funds you have invested, held by a brokerage firm or insurance company could be lost once the collapse occurs. The latest court rulings have now included brokerage accounts being more susceptible to loss.


3. Your House Could Be Gone

During the housing crash in 2007 and following recession millions of Americans fell victim and lost their houses. Many people had hundreds of thousands invested their homes and it was all taken away from them.

Why did this happen?

The biggest reason was that for many Americans they were already living on the edge. They bought new homes they really could not afford, living month to month believing that nothing would ever go wrong. Sadly many of these people lost jobs, then couldn’t make their monthly payments any longer and finally they lost their homes. These days 77 percent of America still is living pay check to pay check at least part of the time.

4. Electrical Power Could Be Lost

Almost every American has no source for back up or emergency power. Most everyone is completely dependent upon the electrical grid. At least until it completely goes down. Take hurricanes for example; they repeatedly pound the coastlines of America every hurricane season. When they occur, very few have back up power sources. At times there could be over 100,000 homes and businesses without power. Insure you stay out of the dark and out of the cold. Insure you have a generator and some extra fuel for it when the grid goes down. You can surely expect the grid will go down during an economic crisis. Repair crews will be non-existent.

5. Robbery Rates Will Soar, Thieves Will Become More Desperate – Nothing Will Be Safe

200x200-bulletproof3Once a person gets to the point where they can no longer feed their family desperation will set in and they will take anything within reach they need. Once the economic crisis has started expect to see widespread looting and robberies. Europe is already experiencing this. Crime has already risen in many areas within the US; many smaller communities are experiencing thieves taking almost anything that doesn’t need heavy equipment to lift it. Desperation leads to anything being taken that can be re-sold for quick cash. Anything from cows to copper wiring out of street lights to church air conditioners you name it, it goes missing. Insure you’re prepared to defend your home when the thieves come banging on your door.

6. Shortages on Food and Basic Necessities Can Happen

Once the economic collapse occurs expect shortages on vital supplies including food and drinking water to disappear quickly. Prescription and over the counter medicines will also be in short supply and run out quickly. A local supermarket usually will carry enough food to give food and other necessities to their surrounding community for 3 days. Expect during a panic the shelves to be cleared of everything within 3 hours. When things go really bad chances are you’re not going to be able to find the basic things you need. Plan Ahead!

7. You Could Become Dependent Upon Government for Food

Don’t think this could not happen to you and your family, currently the United States has over 46 million people existing on food stamps. Over half this number is also dependent upon the government, at least partly for a paycheck in one form or another. You could sit there in denial and not believe, however the truth is what it is. In June alone, 3 times the number of Americans joined the food stamp program than the number of jobs that were added into the economy for the same month. The only way to assure you don’t end up as one of these statistics living on food stamps for your nutritional needs; is to prepare in advance for the crisis that is coming soon.

8. You Could End Up Being Dead

During any major economic crisis sadly large increases of suicides take place. With the coming crisis millions and millions of people are going to become extremely depressed quickly. While suicide is about the craziest thing one could attempt upon oneself people do it. Once all hope is lost and feelings of despair set in many will end their lives just to end the pain and agony. While it is hard to imagine taking your own life, many do make that choice. As seen in recent increases, the numbers of suicides happening in Europe are growing due to the severity of their economic situation.

To overcome the stress that will be inflicted upon everyone as the crisis looms closer it is imperative that you make preparations in advance. Yes preparing for physical things such as asset protection, food, water & home defense are vitally important to your survival. However one must also be prepared mentally, emotionally and spiritually for what is coming ahead.

If your able to understand what is going on here and what is required of you then you can make a plan and set that plan in motion far in advance. This could mean the difference of getting through the crisis or not. Either way if you’re prepared you will be in a better position than those who are not. One thing is for certain, time is running out. Be Prepared!


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By Tom Genot


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