10 Reasons to Begin Preparing for an Emergency

We all prep to a certain degree. Even FEMA recognizes the need for each family to have 72 hours worth of supplies in case of an emergency. To prepare, you don’t have to be considered a kook – more than anything it’s a responsibility everyone should take seriously to keep your family safe if a catastrophe does happen. If you haven’t looked into prepping, you should check out these 10 reasons to get started today. Read the rest of the article below.


10 Reasons to Begin Preparing for an Emergency

In our turbulent world emergencies are not rare. People approach them differently, varying from emergency kits, to emergency bunkers. It is important to be prepared not only for a single life-changing incident, but rather for any that might come along.

1. Losing a job could be a devastating life-turning event for an individual or a family. Job loss is either the most or the least expected emergency. Thinking in advance about this possibility could save your family – have supplies of money, food and other necessities that will help you go through the in-between-jobs period.

2. If someone in your family gets injured or falls ill, it is important to be prepared to help or, if necessary, even perform CPR. Properly supply your first aid kit and you should also consider first aid training. Being prepared for this type of emergency goes beyond family – sometimes you are the only one who can help.

3. Car emergencies are frequent and often unexpected. You can get stuck, run out of gas or your tire can get flat. Therefore, it is useful to have your car prepared with appropriate equipment for all the possible scenarios.

4. Weather emergencies are of many kinds, and they can occur anywhere in the world. You should be aware of disasters that are typical for your region. Furthermore, if certain disasters are fairly common in the area you live, it is essential to be suitably prepared and equipped for the aftermath.

5. Earthquakes, tsunamis or volcanoes are serious natural disasters that can affect a lot of people and put them in life-threatening situations. Evacuation is possibly the only solution, and we should prepare ourselves by developing an emergency, yet simple, evacuation plan for our families.

6. Apart from natural disasters, we may end up with local and regional emergencies. Power or water outages, chemical spills or other disruptions in a city may catch you unprepared to face the upcoming problems. So, you should have basic supplies in a house or plan how to obtain them in a case of emergency.

7. Economic collapse is a serious problem that can affect nations, as we have witnessed many times. People can end up in enormous debts, struggling to survive. You might want to think about a back-up plan if it the economy collapses again.

8. The majority of people don’t know what war feels like, even though they know how it looks like. Additionally, people deny the possibility it can happen, which is a mistake. You should not immediately barricade yourself, of course, but rather think about how you would handle the situation if it occurs.

Bulletproof-Home-89. The most important reason is your family! Any kind of preparedness should be for their own good. They are the ones that matter, and they are your responsibility. You should make sure you can handle whatever happens to you and your loved ones to the best of your knowledge and ability.

10. You should always have at least 72 hours of water and food. Even the US Government (FEMA) suggests each household have emergency preparation plans.



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